Barcelona: Lifestyle and Food Obsession


Tapas in food walking tour in Barcelona

Whenever I think about going to a place that at the same time could let me be delighted by beautiful architecture, amazed by innovation, artistic in many ways and deliciously incomparable, Barcelona comes first to my mind.

Few cities in the world are as vibrant, adventurous, tasty and full of culture as Barcelona is. Next to the Mediterranean, with its rich history, vibrant feeling and always-on top in trends is a place we all should visit again and again. If you want to take the best out of it then you need to join the food walking tours that Barcelona Eat Local organizes. I talked to Marina and Andre, two amazing food lovers that are the founders of BCN Eat Local.

Who is Marina and Andre?
Well, both of us are expats living in Barcelona and what makes us be passionate is that we are deeply obsessive about food.
“Marina is a food market expert; she has the right touch to choose the best in the first pick. Whatever she gives you is going to be delicious. I think this has to be with her family background, for them food was an extremely important part of family lifyestyle. Marina was lucky enough to be introduce to cooking by her grandma and aunts while being a kid,” says Andre.
“In the other hand, Andre takes cooking very seriously. If you are cooking for him, he will not take his eyes of you; he is going to learn everything about your preparation. So he can replicate the dish once back home. He has been to several parts of the world as the avid traveler he is; he has an incredible compilation of world recipes,” says Marina.

Why did you decided to open a food tour company in Barcelona?
After settling in BCN and eating our way around it, we were deeply in love with the extensiveness of the culinary options and traditions. With folks and friends visiting us all the time, we had to play the role of tourist guides, we took them to our favorite food spots, somehow we realize we had already developed profound relationships with local restaurateurs and friends that work in the local food industry. Everything was set for us! That’s how we decided to venture in the amazing world of food tours.


Visit Barcelona’s markets

What makes your food tour be an incredible adventure?
We decided to create an unforgettable experience, in which we only take you to family own establishments, some of them have been in business for generations, and one of our partners has been open for more than 150 years! Imagine that. Also we highlight the importance of being environmentally and nutritionally responsible, while serving tasty and healthy food. So we choose eateries and specialty stores that use locally sourced ingredients.

Of course local motivated foodie guides that are proud of this Mediterranean city always accompany you.

Please tell me about the food you offer.
In our tours you’ll visit two historic laid back working class neighborhoods: Sant Antoni and El Poblesec. Around Barcelona, both of them distinguish because of their unique food scene where trendy and classic cuisine blend together.
We serve more than 9 classic yet modern delightful tapas dishes, XIII century-style cod pastries, unparalleled patatas bravas and crema catalana of BCN, a cava master class with the help of a sommelier and unique pairings for each food tasted.
I’m mouthwatering! Thanks Marina and Andre.

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