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Asheville: feast, support and eat local

Eating locally and supporting sustainable agriculture is something I foster in my life; nothing compares to having fresh and best quality ingredients. So, if you are into extremely delicious gastronomy prepared with seasonal produce in a beautiful mountain landscape, then you need to start planning your next trip to Asheville, North Carolina. Get all the […]

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Photo Challenge: Flavors of Mexico

Hola, amigos: Do you know who México Maravilloso are? They are a group of amateur photographers that are in love with Mexico and its wonders, they show their photos on instagram; and we at Sabores México are fascinated to eat and show to the world our gastronomy. We partnered with them on a delicious photography […]

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Origins of Mexican gastronomy: Mexicas.

Mexican gastronomy has, in the past years, become the “next great international cuisine”. There is not a country in Europe that has not fallen under its spell and in which going out for Mexican food does not mean a great event in the life of the diners. In faraway countries, such as Australia, eating “mexicano” […]

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Mexican gastronomy: aromas and flavors

Why I love Mexican food? It has to be its authenticity and tradition, the pre-Hispanic roots, the exotic spices, the unique ingredients, the ancient traditions, the cooks imagination, its richness… The colours, textures and vast flavours make it irresistible. You’ll definitely agree with me after watching the following video.  200 Flavors 2010 from Alex Iturralde […]

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Ruta Frente – Mextrópoli

A few weeks a go we were invited by the newspaper Frente to host their first gastronomic route that was going to be part of Mextrópoli – First international festival of architecture and the city, on Sunday, March 23, 2014. With the date at short sight and with our enthusiasm to the top we met […]

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Las Cantinas

One true Mexican tradition. Every time you step into a cantina it seem like you are traveling through time, places look almost the same since they opened: the waiters are the same ones, the decoration has suffered slight modifications and the fellow diners have been there all their life. Some stories change but most of […]

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The Surprise Ingredient

One of the things that I enjoy while eating is discovering new ingredients, that delicious moment in which you are admiring what you are going to eat and at the first bite you taste something different, a new flavour that makes your tastes buds go crazy. That happened to me recently, I went to a […]

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From street food to food trucks

The first time I heard about the food truck trend in USA, I just could ask myself, “what’s new about that?” Any person that has been in Mexico City has noticed that street food goes beyond being something new, it’s part of our history and tradition, our lifestyle, and above all, the taste of our […]

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Tribute to our people

When food comes to our mind, sometimes we just think about the taste, the color, the texture and the visual appealing. But, who’s behind our dishes? The minds, the hands, the creativity, the skills, and the heart that blows are mind away. This is a tribute to all the people that make our bellies feel […]

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The Great City of Mexico

Mexico has it all, this is no joke. The food is delicious, the historical richness, wonderful architecture, and Mexicans are the best. You can walk Mexico City on a sunny day but without the heat; listen to the sounds that become music while enjoying the beautiful sights of this place; eat street food or in […]

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