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Markets of Mexico City

“Having an identity is only possible once we understand our roots.” I read this phrase a couple of days ago and I totally agree. We want to support local products made in Mexico without really knowing what we are proud of. So, I decided to do some research about what represent us, in order to […]

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Outdoor galleries in Mexico City

The streets of Mexico City can tell hundreds of stories, through its buildings, its people, its aromas, and especially, trough its art. In the last years, an emergent artists wave has invaded the city’s facades with their graffitis, stickers, stencils and more expresion of urban art. But those pieces are not visible for everybody, you must be […]

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The best bookstores in Mexico City

Call me a romantic or old fashioned person, however much practical and simple ebooks can be, I refuse to buy them. There’s nothing like the smell of old books that have been kept for a long time. As the days go by, I enjoy watching how the pages turn into a yellowing color, but what […]

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About a happy godin* lunch…

I grew up in the Southern part of Mexico City, in one of those microcosms in the megalopolis that feels like a little town of yore, with small drugstores, stationary shops and mini-markets in every corner, and most importantly, people walking everywhere. That’s why, when I started working in Lomas de Chapultepec, I felt a […]

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