Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2010

Traditional Mexican cuisine is a comprehensive cultural model comprising farming, ritual practices, age-old skills, culinary techniques and ancestral community customs and manners.
Mexican cuisine is elaborate and symbol-laden, with everyday tortillas and tamales, both made of corn, forming an integral part of Day of the Dead offerings.

Five Reasons to Join Sabores Mexico Tour

As an independent small business, we take pride in making sure each and every one of our customers has a WOW tour experience. From fresh tastings to the best Mexico tour guides in the business, we’re proud to share our passion for food and Mexico City with you.
Here’s the expanded five reasons why you should choose Sabores México Food Tours to enhance your Mexico experience:

  1. Get to Know the Real Mexico
    Get close to Mexico citizens by eating in their favorite eateries and food specialty stores while you learn about architecture, history and culture. Feel like a local! Sabores Mexico helps tourists and locals alike get off the beaten track and take a deeper look at the foods, culture and entertainment that make Mexico a world-class city.
  3. Delicious Foods from Hidden Gems
    We’ve scoured Mexico’s top restaurants, local ethnic eateries and one-of-a-kind “mom & pop” specialty food stores to find the best tastings to fulfill your deepest foodie cravings – from sweet treats to savory bites, brewed local beers, tea and spice shops to traditional tacos & tamales; our authentic food tasting and cultural Mexico walking tours have got you covered.
  5. Passionate Tour Leaders
    A tour guide makes or breaks any tour experience. Every tour guide for Sabores Mexico shares a love for two things: Food and Mexico City. Our guides are anxious to share in an unforgettable experience with you and are true professionals considerate of your needs. They provide detailed knowledge about Mexico City foodie culture, history and architecture with witty and light humor to boot.
  7. Local Artisan Support
    Sabores Mexico Food Tours is proud to support local, independently owned and operated Mexican businesses. Sabores Mexico provides continued support to foodie entrepreneurs and is an advocate for food and culinary tourism worldwide.
  9. A Truly Professional Business
    Sabores Mexico is based on quality, integrity and customer service. Tour participants will find that Sabores Mexico is the highlight of their holiday or day-visit.

Four Reasons Why Not to Take Our Food Tours:

  1. You Don’t Enjoy Walking
    While we offer frequent opportunities to rest and sit down, Sabores Mexico Food Tours involve walking or standing over the course of three hours. If you are interested in sitting down for most of a tour – we can highly recommend the Turibus.
  3. You Want to Stay Close to the Beaten Path
    Sabores México prides itself on offering a glimpse into Mexico’s greatest neighborhoods away from the beaten path and tourist destinations. If you don’t want to explore other vibrant parts of the city away from downtown, our experiences are probably not for you.
  5. You Don’t Like Trying New Foods
    We choose our tastings to please the majority of appetites – a great blend of Mexican favorites, ethnic staples and exciting old and new flavors. It seems like an obvious statement – but if you don’t love trying out new foods, our activities are more than likely not for you.
  7. You Prefer The Buffet Line
    We carefully select the total number of tastings and overall food samples provided during our 3-hour culinary experiences to serve as a hearty lunch for the average person. If you’re the guy or gal that simply never gets full, avoid the disappointment; consider going to Casa de Toño and order the big pozole instead!