Outdoor galleries in Mexico City

The streets of Mexico City can tell hundreds of stories, through its buildings, its people, its aromas, and especially, trough its art. In the last years, an emergent artists wave has invaded the city’s facades with their graffitis, stickers, stencils and more expresion of urban art.

But those pieces are not visible for everybody, you must be a very good spotter and curiously wander through the city, so you will be surprised by the styles and techniques of the artists, and in this way, discover unique and, most of the time, monumental pieces of art.

Back are those days when the graffiti was consider a vandalic act, nowadays many local shops, international brands and even the government, have invested in the intervention of public and private spaces, with the aim of making the city look prettier and fill it up with positive messages, those messsages have grabbed the attention of inhabitants and travellers.

There are many talented Mexican artists, there’s one that out stands because he represents with passion and pride our cultural heritage, his name is SANER @Saner_edgar. Well known because of his vibrant colors and his imaginary creatures wearing folkloric masks, his latest mural, and the largest so far, is located in Santa Fe’s passage.

Detalle Mural Saner Santa Fe

Detalle Mural Saner Santa Fe

Saner comforts us with positive messages of love and national unity, he connects us with our Mexican folklore and invites us to take a break and discover the hidden details in each of his murals. The perfect example of his peculiar style is the mural named “Union de un pueblo” (Union of the People), that is painted over one of the walls of the Reforma Avenue Hotel, in Juárez district.

Recently, artists like Saner, Roberto Shimizu, Curiot, Andrik Noble and Maria Canfield, have transformed the streets and have established themselves as a referent of street art in Mexico. They have inspired young people that every day are joining the Mexican urban art movement,  driven by creativity, eager to learn and with the passion to express their ideas.

Some of those young street artists, who come from different parts of the country, are supported by the Fideicomiso of Mexico City and with their aerosol sprays and brushes have revitalized the surrounding area of the Santisima Trinidad Temple, a place pointed out as a Heritage of Humanity. The main themes of those murals, which cover 200 lineal meters, are: “La Vida Acuática en los Canales”, “Mestizaje y Barroco” y “Flora y Fauna Mexicanas” (“The Life Acuatic in the Channels”, “Racial Mix and Baroque” and “Mexican Flora and Fauna”).

It’s incredible how this interventions have improved our city. It’s a way of recovering public spaces, join neighborhoods and transform the cityscape into an outdoor gallery. In a city as dynamic as Mexico City, the urban art reminds us of what we are made of, it inspires us, it forces us to look in other directions and invites us to speak out our minds.

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