The best bookstores in Mexico City

Call me a romantic or old fashioned person, however much practical and simple ebooks can be, I refuse to buy them. There’s nothing like the smell of old books that have been kept for a long time. As the days go by, I enjoy watching how the pages turn into a yellowing color, but what I enjoy the most is to get lost in the hallways of the bookstores, lay on the ground and leaf through for hours some cover books, read some lines and convince myself that this might be an excellent purchase. So, taking advantage of the beginning of the year, that leads to a little more reading, I went in depth into many bookstores of Mexico City in order to prepare you a small list of my top 5.

Porrua Chapultepec

Even though Porrua is one of the most popular bookstores in Mexico, the headquarter of Chapultepec will leave you speechless. Where the walls turn into picture windows that are combined with an incredible view of the Bosque de Chapultepec. Although its cafeteria is not the best, the view of the lake is totally worth it. For being such a big publisher, you will find any Latin American title. Where: Paseo de la Reforma, 1st section of the Bosque de Chapultepec.

Libreria Rosario Castellanos

Inaugurated in 2006, this library has its own art gallery and Nuevo Cine Lido, a cinema that dates from 1940 and was renovated a couple of years ago. Loved by its neighbours, due to the history of the building, its architecture of “mudejar” influence; this headquarter will blow away anyone with its beautiful ceiling that lightens the area, in charge of the Dutch Jan Hendrix. Where: Tamaulipas 202, Hipódromo Condesa.

Fuente: Aline Conté

Fuente: Aline Conté

La Increíble Librería

This space is changing the perception that many people have about bookstores, old and outdated. Opened its doors in november 2016, in charge of the illustrator Alejandro Magallanes and the editor Selva Hernández. You will find independent editorial books, collection books as José Guadalupe Posadas or Dr. Atl, among others. A few weeks ago, they opened their own coffee bar for those who can not wait to get home to read their new book. Where: Jalapa 129, Roma Norte.

Librería Alejandro Rossi

This bookstore is inside one of the most beautiful libraries in the city, Biblioteca de México José Vasconcelos, so if this is the first time you visit the place, I suggest to take your time and observe the building and I can assure you, you will fall in love with it. As expected, this bookstore has a big variety of titles, a clean architecture and some cozy seats where you will be able to read for a few hours. Where: Tolsá 4, Centro.

Fuente: Aline Conté

Fuente: Aline Conté

Casa Bosques

The space, and old residence of la colonia Roma, captivates you. Here, you will find books of architecture, design, art and fashion. The space is in perfect harmony with the products offered, so you will spend a good time between one book shelf and another. If not enough, you will enjoy some other spaces for art and creativity as part of the project of Savvy Studio. Where: Córdoba 25, Roma Norte.