Three places of pizza and jazz in Mexico City

There are several places to enjoy the jazz scene in Mexico City. Here we present three options where you can enjoy delicious pizza and good music at affordable prices.

Pizza Jazz Café

The project began seven years ago with occasional concerts at the home of composer and saxophonist Adrián Escamilla. Five years ago Pizza Jazz Café moved to its current location where there is enough space for a stage where live music is played. Here, priority is given to original jazz projects, although other genres such as tango, Mexican folklore, traditional cumbia and classical music are also presented. Adrián chooses the bands and provides the stage, the musicians invite their audience. The program changes from week to week. They have a jam session every Monday and there is no cover.

They usually broadcast live concerts on their Facebook group. On their YouTube channel there are about 350 fragments of the concerts they have had to date. In the future they would like to have a stage with better instruments, like a grand piano or a good drum set, as well as a studio to record live concerts and produce a collection.

Not every day is concert day, but there is always pizza. They are baked in stone ovens and named after jazz musicians. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays they also offer sweet bread, freshly made, in their menu.
Address: Municipio Libre 46, Col. Portales Oriente

Iván Trujillo
Foto: Aimée Suárez

Wilfrido Terrazas Sea Quintet
Foto: Aimée Suárez

Pan y Circo

Pan y Circo started a year ago with the intention of creating an alternative and relaxed place that gave the same importance to food and to show, hence its name Bread and Circus). Each week they present several cultural projects such as exhibitions or theater performances. On musical Thursdays admission is free from 9:30 pm on and bands of instrumental genres such as blues, funk, swing, surf, jazz, salsa and balkan are presented. On Fridays, rock and pop concerts take place. The admission proceeds go entirely to the bands. The program can be checked on its Facebook page.

The space is available for private events and it has had great popularity as meeting place for the Mexican journalism guild.

In their menu there is a great variety of individual size pizzas starting at $60. They also have fancier creations, the most requested being the mushroom risotto and the grilled octopus.
Address: Álvaro Obregón 160, Col. Roma

Sr. Dinamita
Foto: Bruno García

Foto: Bruno García

Las musas de PapaSibarita

Las musas de PapáSibarita is a traditional Italian food restaurant where music gradually gained ground until it became a fundamental part of the concept. Concerts usually take place from Thursday to Sunday and are announced previously on their Facebook page. It is advisable to book in advance.

In the kitchen all the ingredients are carefully selected for their quality and freshness. They do not use food preservatives. Food is prepared at the moment the client orders it. The menu has plenty vegetarian options. They brew their own beers. Bread and pasta are prepared on a daily basis so they are fresh and perfect by the time they are eaten. Pizza is particularly amazing. The dough is left to rest for three days to enhance its flavor.
Address: Orizaba 218-A, Col. Roma

Foto: Aimée Suárez

Rhino Blues Band
Foto: Rafa Arriaga