6 tacos you must try in Mexico City

For the people who live in Mexico City, listing the “best” tacos in the city is a controversial topic, as everyone claims to really know the best tacos in the world (which in many cases are the ones located in the corner of their house). This happens because there are tons of excellent tacos in the city that leave a big smile on the face.

But, of course, some tacos are way better than others. This is why we want to talk to you about 6 tacos you should definitely try in Mexico City.

Ready to eat the best tacos of your life?


Los Cocuyos

Let’s start with these tacos that, according to what is said out there, when Anthony Bourdain visited Mexico City he came back every night to eat here. In short, they are one of the favorites in the whole city and its location, just in the heart of the Historic Center, makes them very easy to visit. Tacos de suadero are the most famous, so you definitely should try them.

Address: Bolívar #57, colonia Centro.


Tacos Manolo

The Narvarte neighborhood, located in the southern center of the city, is an oasis of excellent tacos. Among all the options that can be found here are these delicious tacos that have become a “must-do” when visiting the area. Tacos al pastor are very good, but the option you should not miss is the “Taco Manolo” that has steak, onion and bacon (try it with the red sauce made with peanut, specially prepared for this taco).

 Address: Luz Saviñón #1305, colonia Narvarte.


El Vilsito

Continuing in Narvarte area, we must also mention El Vilsito, a place that by day is a car repair shop and by night one of the best tacos place in the neighborhood. The pastor, the gringas (pastor with cheese in a flour tortilla) and the steak volcano, are the favorite options of connoisseurs.

 Address: Petén #248, colonia Narvarte.


El Huequito

El Huequito is the only chain tacos restaurant on this list. It has locations in several neighborhoods of the city, although we recommend visiting one of the Historical Center restaurants, as in this area El Huequito’s history began. In here the specialty is the taco al pastor, but it has a vast menu with alambres, cecina, quesos fundidos, soups, burritos and even beef cuts. (Note: the location on Ayuntamiento street only serves tacos al pastor).

 Address: Bolívar #58, colonia Centro.


El Turix

For a change on tacos al pastor and steak tacos, we recommend this place that serves exquisite cochinita pibil (marinated pork, a traditional dish from Southeast Mexico). Tacos are delicious, but you can also have panuchos (a kind of fried sopes) or tortas (like sandwiches), and accompany everything with a lime soup. If you want to try something different, you definitely have to go to this exquisite place.


 Address: Emilio Castelar #212, colonia Polanco; y Río Pánuco #165, colonia Cuauhtémoc.


Taquería La Negra

We love this place because, in addition to classic tacos like pastor and steak, it has a great variety of other exquisite options like rajas con crema, fish, shrimp, etc. In here, classic flavors of Mexican cuisine are reinterpreted to transfer them to delicious tacos with a contemporary twist. In our food tour of Tacos, Beer and Mezcal we make a stop at this restaurant, so we invite you to join us to eat delicious tacos accompanied by beer, and finish the experience visiting a mezcalería.

 Address: Durango #258, colonia Roma Norte.