A perfect weekend in Mexico City!

Mexico City is one of the largest cities in the world. There are hundreds of things to do, museums to visit, places to discover and flavors to taste.

No time is enough to absorb all its grandeur, but if you only have one weekend to discover it, here are some ideas of what you can do with your time to delve into its local life and fall in love with its uniqueness.

If this is the first time you come to Mexico City, we recommend that you stay in the historic center, since it is the heart of the city, the place where everything began and where some of its main sites of interest are located.


Start your trip to Mexico City just right and in the best way anyone can do it: by eating tacos! Join our Tacos, Beer and Mezcal Tour, which has a duration of 3 hours. It begins in the early night and we’ll take you to a mezcalería (mezcals bar) and to eat tacos at 4 different places in 4 neighborhoods of the city.

All the tour is in private transportation, so if you arrive tired don’t worry, you won’t have to walk. The only thing you have to do is enjoy some of the best tacos in the city, while we take you through emblematic and cool places.



Dedicate this day to explore the streets of the historic center. There are two ways to do it: by your own, or by joining our incredible food tour in this area of the city.

We will take you to explore historic streets of the city telling you the history, legends and interesting facts behind them, at the same time we will try more than 10 traditional food dishes in 8 different places that include markets, street stalls, restaurants and cantinas. Our tour lasts 4.5 hours and we walk around 3km (1.9 miles), so come prepared for it.

At night, we highly recommend attending some of the events that take place in the magnificent Palace of Fine Arts, the maximum house of art in Mexico. Concerts, opera, theater, dance shows and much more take place here.



This day you can enjoy the Sunday bike ride on Paseo de la Reforma (there you’ll find bicycle loan stations). This activity takes place every Sunday from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm and it’s a great way to mingle with locals while enjoying this beautiful area of the city. You can go all the way to the Chapultepec forest and visit the Tamayo Museum, the Anthropology Museum or climb to the Chapultepec Castle. If you prefer, you can bring food and soft drinks for a picnic in the forest and enjoy a sunny day at this park, one of the favorites in the city.

With this itinerary, you will get to discover different areas of the city, do some of the activities that locals love to do and try many delicacies in our food tours. In addition to our historic center food tour and the tacos, beer, and mezcal tour, we have a gastronomic tour at the beautiful and trendy Colonia Roma.

Enjoy Mexico City with Sabores México!