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Food makes us happy.

We love food and we love our city, so we brought these two things together to create a fun and unique experience through Sabores Mexico Food Tours. We want you to experience the best of Mexico through its flavors, architecture, history and culture in a unique way.
Mexico is known for various things but Mexican cuisine is, perhaps, the most famous around the world, and even more since the distinction made by the UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2010. This is why we want to share the passion and tradition of Mexican food with the rest of the world.
Traditional Mexican food comprises endemic products, ancient local farming, ritual practices, culinary methods and ancestral community wisdom. Even though Mexican cuisine is elaborate and symbol-laden it is still in constant evolution. The synchronisms of millenary civilizations with European influences converge with modern technics.
Being in Mexico City will give you the unique opportunity to taste food from all regions of our country like no other place in the world can do, it is where everything comes together. Mexico City is vibrant, historic and at the same time is modern, colorful, rich in experiences and enigmatic. We love how history merges with daily life to offer a one-in- a-lifetime journey.
Mexican food is a conversation among cooks, ingredients, traditions and foodies. It is powerful, complex and delicious. We at Sabores Mexico Food Tours are proud to be Mexican and are committed to keeping alive the ancient traditions and recipes as well as the history and stories that make it great.
Sabores Mexico Food Tours is locally owned. All of our culinary experiences are designed and tested by Mexicans so that you really live the life of a local. We will introduce you to Mexico City by telling you the stories behind the dishes you taste, the history and architecture of its neighborhoods, and its culture while you eat, walk, enjoy and smile.
Our food tours offer and guarantee a one-off safe and fun experience with customized attention, guided by a professional and passionate team that will take you into a culinary journey. They all come from different professional backgrounds that will enrich your experience with their expertise and unique perspective.
The backbone of our service is the quality of the food you will taste in our many different stops as well as the informative and knowledgeable guide we offer. This, along with Mexico’s rich cultural and culinary background will take you into a memorable journey in which you will live, first-handedly, its lifestyle by visiting places off the beaten track.

By joining our food tours you will support producers, chefs, restaurant and storeowners. We are all about the Buy Local Movement.

Can’t wait to welcome you to Mexico. Bienvenidos!

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Rodrigo López Aldana


I’m a film photographer and a professional big-eater. Mexico City is a wonderful
place that surprises you day by day. It is vibrant, enigmatic, and beautiful, with a perfect blend of the ancient and the modern. You will never get bored here.

Mexican cuisine is delicious because of its ingredients and combinations, but above all because it is authentic, it reflects what we Mexicans are and what our civilization is comprised of: traditions, habits, a joy for living, creativity and evolution. My all time favorite Mexican dishes are tacos al pastor and shrimp aguachile.

I love cinema, reading, going to museums and art exhibitions as well as attending music concerts.

Salimah Cossens

Senior host

I am a historian interested in understanding interactions among ancient civilizations. Living in, working in and walking the streets of Mexico City is a real pleasure for me. Mexico City has an important place in the history and identity of Mexicans. My favorite place in it is Templo Mayor because it was the heart of the Mexica world and it is still now, hundreds of years later, the place where our Mexicanity finds a voice with political demonstrations, cultural exhibitions as well as national celebrations.

I think of food as a representation of the culture and identity of a community.

Being a foodie is being a traveler through gastronomy. My favorite Mexican food is the tamal, our energy bar made out of corn.

I love traveling and exploring archaeological sites.

Grazielle Balado


I’m a tours-company administrator. Mexico City is very intense! It is full of adventures, history, culture, food, fun, beautiful green areas and museums.

Mexican gastronomy is diverse: its various techniques, and ingredients as well as
its history and essence form a unique manifestation of the Mexican way of life. Each dish goes way back in time and every one of them continues to move
hearts today. There is only one dish that I could die for, cochinita pibil!

My hobbies are solving sudoku and collecting lizards but what I am most passionate about is gastronomy and sports.

Paola Loera

Operations and host

I am a gourmand with aspirations to be a gastronomic journalist. Mexico City offers a contrast in all the expressions of its everyday life: its architecture, its people and, of course, its cuisine. Traditions and modernity are in perfect balance. Coyoacán is my favorite place because of its beautiful cobbled streets as well as its old mansions that hide traditional chocolate shops or fondas.

Mexican cuisine is a reflection of our cultural wealth: unique ingredients, ancient techniques and a continuous combination of prehispanic and European influences. For me a meal has not ended well without a proper dessert.

My world revolves around food, I love eating and cooking. In addition I also enjoy watching films, learning about astronomy and reading.

Liz Mata


I’m a publicist. Mexico City is magic, it is a comforting chaos: an incredible accumulation of knowledge, personalities and flavors. My favorite place is Xochimilco, specially the pier, because of its pre-Hispanic history, its colors and the festive vibe it has that enraptures you.

Mexican gastronomy is comprised of history and tradition. It speaks of family; it is
a crucial part of our identity as Mexicans. My favorite dish is Guerrero’s white pozole because of its combination of textures and balance of flavors.

I like going to museum exhibitions, writing and traveling, but undoubtedly what I am most passionate about is my country, Mexico.

Karina Bueno


I was born and raised in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. Currently, I am studying a law degree, specializing in labor law. I also hold a bachelor’s degree in International Studies.

Mexican gastronomy is a reflection of the invaluable cultural offer that this
country has, since it is diverse, complex and monumental. I see Mexican food with great significance, because, growing outside Mexico, it was the food that my mother used to prepare what always brought me back to my roots, stories and traditions.

I have a passion for learning more about Mexican history, for traveling and for discovering new places and flavors.