Best cantinas in Mexico City to go with dad

Any time of the year is good to enjoy a delicious meal and a couple of drinks with dad.

In Mexico, we have a long cantinas tradition that was consolidated during the Porfiriato (a period in which Porfirio Díaz ruled Mexico) when there were more than a thousand cantinas, only in Mexico City. And although only a few of those that emerged in that era continue to exist, others have opened their doors in recent years and that is an excellent option to go to eat, drink and have fun.

Pamper your dad how he deserves, taking him to one of the best cantinas we currently have in Mexico City.


Salón Ríos

Let’s start the list with this place that is located a few steps from Reforma Avenue and the Angel of Independence. Its cuisine is truly delicious with classic cantina dishes such as queso fundido (melted cheese) and tacos of all kinds, but it also offers a wide variety of main dishes including beef cuts, fish and seafood.

During weekdays it’s mainly frequented by the office workers of the area, but the atmosphere is always enjoyable.

Address: Río Lerma #220, colonia Cuauhtémoc.


La No. 20

For more sophisticated tastes, cantinas No. 20 are the best. We speak in plural because this brand has several locations in the city, but for going with your dad, we recommend visiting the one in Polanco.

High company executives and politicians usually frequent it. During the day the atmosphere is quite casual and quiet, but once the night falls the live group that walks between the tables begins to turn up the volume and the occasional dinner ends up singing at the top of his lungs the song he asked for.

Its gourmet Mexican cuisine is to be applauded; it has classic cocktails reinvented and a great variety of mezcal and tequilas.

imagen: OpenTable

Address: Andrés Bello #10, colonia Polanco.


El León de Oro

This cantina was founded in 1954, so it has a fairly traditional atmosphere. It is known to have been one of the first cantinas in the city to allow women in (yes, when cantinas emerged, access to women was prohibited) and for having resisted the passage of modernity.

Entering here is like returning several decades ago, so visiting it is a very pleasant experience.

Address: José Martí #103, colonia Escandón.


La Jalisciense

This is one of the oldest cantinas that exist in Mexico City. It is located in the center of Tlalpan, which gives it an even more special charm.

It is known for its great variety of tequilas, for its tortas (Mexican sandwiches) and because Renato Leduc, the famous poet and writer of Tlalpan, spent his days here discussing life and politics with other intellectuals of his generation.

It’s a great option to visit one of the oldest areas in the city that still has a fascinating small-town vibe.

Address: Plaza de la Constitución #6, colonia Tlalpan Centro.


La Mascota

If what you want is to go to one of the most traditional cantinas in the city, without a doubt, La Mascota is the option. Its entrance is small, just like in yesteryear cantinas, and when ordering drinks, the snacks are served at no additional cost, also how it was styled in the past.

La Mascota is one of the few original cantinas that survive in the city. Take your dad here and give him a fun afternoon with good drinks and food.

In our Historic Center Food Tour, we make a stop at this cantina, so we invite you to join us and enjoy many Mexican delicacies, visiting some of the most emblematic places to eat in the heart of Mexico City.

Address: Mesones #20, colonia Centro.