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Things To Do In Mexico City
Qué Hacer En Ciudad De México


Cintli, the best tortillas in Mexico City

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Placing the best tortilla in Mexican tables would seem like a hard to accomplish goal. However, Cintli Tortillería has succeeded in doing so during the last few years due to its commitment with the defense and awareness of creole native Mexican maize from different communities.  Cintli is an unconventional tortillería that brings back Mesoamerican nixtamalization…

The savorist experience from Sabores México Food Tours

a group of people sitting at a fruit stand

When the experimented food enthusiast Rodrigo López Aldana realized he could merge his passion for gastronomy with his love for Mexico City and create an unforgettable experience, Sabores México Food Tours (SMFT) was born. Ever since, the project has grown thanks to a committed team of chilangos (Mexico City locals) who adore Mexican food, love…

Quiz: How Mexican Are You?

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Everything you need to know about Mexican craft beers

a person holding a bottle of wine

If you’re a Mexican reading this right now, we’re sure you have at least once shared your favorite team’s winning goal, your birthday toast, some vacation at the beach, or a reunion with friends with a cold, bitter, yeast flavored beer. Despite the latest trends around craft beers, we Mexicans are cheleros (beer lovers) since…

Mexican ingredients you didn’t know about

a bowl of salad on a plate

Mexican food is known worldwide specially for some iconic flavors, such as cacao, tequila or maize. Still, not everybody knows that many popular ingredients used in different countries come from Mexico. An autochthonous product is an animal or a plant whose origin is a specific country or geographic region. In Mexico, we’ve got a long…

This is why Mexican tortillas are the best

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There is one edible product that contains both proteins and carbs, carries calcium, and helps our bodies with the absorption of vitamins. In addition, this food can be used as an eating utensil or as a container for other edibles too. Last but not least, its delicious and unique flavor goes perfectly well with innumerable…

Books, series, and movies to learn about Mexican gastronomy


Mexican culture represents different ways of life and carries distinctive aspects of our country. For us, art is expressed where handcrafts are created with the heart, exteriorizing emotions that bring us together as a nation. This said, we can affirm that gastronomy is an art that reconciles us with culture through our senses and craves. …

Mexican culinary techniques to try during confinement

a living room filled with furniture and vase on a table

If you’re reading this it’s not too late. Whether you love Mexican gastronomy, you ran out of recipes to try at home or you’re just a bored curious person, we want you to know that you are in the right place.  Before anything else, we must stand out the importance of food. The existing bond…

Places That Deliver The Best of Mexico To Your Door

a plate of food with a fork

We are witnesses of something external to everything we have lived before. However, one of the best ways of surviving confinement is satisfying our gastronomic cravings. This said, we share five Mexican places with home delivery services that are fighting to keep going and not fall because of the uncertain situation we’re living worldwide. Frutos…

#ComeLocal: #EatLocal How To Support Small Mexican Food Producers During Quarantine

a hand holding a cell phone

#ComeLocal is a project where we take the best of Mexican gastronomy to your door. In the middle of this stressful situation we’re living, we have united forces with local restaurants, stores, and food suppliers in order to create initiatives that support small Mexican businesses and encourage people to buy local food. We offer two…