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Things To Do In Mexico City
Qué Hacer En Ciudad De México

Mexico City

Café Barajas, Mexican Specialty Coffee Experts

a close up of a bottle of wine

How do you like your coffee? Don’t worry if you’re not sure, because we know this isn’t an easy question to answer given the deepness of the coffee universe.  Coffee is an everyday drink, which is why we sometimes forget its importance in our social life. Have you ever stopped to think that the “let’s…

Cintli, the best tortillas in Mexico City

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Placing the best tortilla in Mexican tables would seem like a hard to accomplish goal. However, Cintli Tortillería has succeeded in doing so during the last few years due to its commitment with the defense and awareness of creole native Mexican maize from different communities.  Cintli is an unconventional tortillería that brings back Mesoamerican nixtamalization…

Places That Deliver The Best of Mexico To Your Door

a plate of food with a fork

We are witnesses of something external to everything we have lived before. However, one of the best ways of surviving confinement is satisfying our gastronomic cravings. This said, we share five Mexican places with home delivery services that are fighting to keep going and not fall because of the uncertain situation we’re living worldwide. Frutos…

Mexico City Markets

a store filled with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables on display

In the “original Mexico”, Mesoamerica, all markets, exchange centers and commercial routes were key to develop commerce. Not for nothing the famous Aztec city of Tenochtitlan was known for its magnificent “mercado” (market), which was so much more than a place to sell and buy provisions and livestock. Tenochtitlan market was the place to barter…

The Best Chocolate Places In Mexico City


Do you think Mexico is famous for its chocolate? Have you tried authentic Mexican chocolate or have you asked yourselves where can you find the most delicious ones in our country? Possibly you have heard about cocoa, the raw material to make chocolate and one of the most famous ingredients that Mexico gave to the…