Things To Do In Mexico City

A Taste of Mexico City

16 Iconic Foods to Eat in Mexico City

Mexico City is a food lover’s paradise. With Mexican cuisine recognized by UNESCO as an internationally-significant part of human culture, there’s an unsurprisingly wide variety of traditional Mexican...
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How Vegan-Friendly is Mexico City?

As a company offering a diverse range of Food Tours in Mexico City, it shouldn’t surprise you to hear us say that Mexico City’s culinary scene is second...
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The Best Coffee Micro Roasters in Mexico City?

Join Sabores Mexico Food Tours as we discuss some of the most exciting coffee roasters in the Mexican third wave coffee scene.
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The Sabores Guide to Mexican Spices

An Introduction to Mexico’s Traditional Dishes and Spices At Sabores, we love food… especially Mexican food. We are passionate about showcasing everything Mexico City has to offer, and...
Distintos tipos de cerveza servidos para su degustación

Best Mexico City Craft Breweries You Can Visit

Beer is a drink that you can find the world over. Every country has its brand, and Mexico is no different. When you think of Mexican beer, the...

Are There Any Michelin Star Restaurants in Mexico?

The Michelin Guide is a fantastic resource for some of the best cuisine around the world. The only problem is that it hasn’t explored the whole world (yet!)....

Insider’s Map: Vol. 5 & 6

To explore the biggest and most populated city in Mexico is not an easy task, for as deciding between apples and oranges, we usually end up staying home...

What kind of food do people in Mexico really eat?

“A few weeks ago, during the Historic’s Center Food Tour, one of our saboristas couldn’t believe I did not know what a chimichanga was… The truth is, I...

Insider’s Map: Vol. 3 & 4

There are many places to eat in Mexico City. Some chilangos even assure that it is possible to have breakfast, lunch and dinner in a different place every...
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Are There Burritos in Mexico?

Burritos are globally recognized as quintessentially Mexican, but are they really found in Mexico? Join Sabores Mexico Food Tours today for the answer!
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What Are Some Regional Foods in Mexico?

With seven vibrant and distinctive food regions, Mexico is a food lover’s dream destination. Today we list some of our favorite regional dishes. Read more!
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What is the Best City in Mexico for Foodies?

As one of the world’s great culinary cultures, Mexico is a treasure chest of taste sensations. Join us today as we pick our favourite foodie cities. Read more!
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