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Atrás a Things To Do In Mexico City
Qué Hacer En Ciudad De México

1 Day in Mexico city: La Roma and Condesa

Street in La Roma

A travel guide for Mexico City is useful for anyone interested in becoming better acquainted with it, for our beloved capital has so many things to do, that even chilangos (natives and/or Mexico City residents) find new places to explore and spaces with activities for every liking.

What are the best things to do in Mexico City?

In addition to Teotihuacan, Xochimilco, and Chapultepec, Mexico City is famous for its size, history, versatility, people, gastronomy, and nightlife. Nevertheless, as any other big city, Mexico City is sometimes known worldwide for its pollution, traffic on roads, insecurity in certain zones, and deficiencies in some public services. 

The tostadas from de Coyoacán Market, the history and archaeological vestiges from the Main Temple, the beauty of the Palace of Fine Arts, the fun lucha libre in the Colosseum Arena, and the classic Garibaldi mariachis are some of the most iconic elements that represent Mexico City in the rest of the globe.

However, it is usually difficult to visit all of these iconic spaces during a short stay in the city. If your thing is exploring modern, scenic, and really local places, keep on reading and you’ll discover our recommendations in La Roma and La Condesa neighborhoods. Now, if you’d rather cover Mexico City’s typical spots and most iconic streets, check out our article 1 Day in Mexico City: Historic Downtown.

What are must-dos with 24-hours in Mexico City?

It is common that many travelers visit Mexico for business or to enjoy our heavenly sun and beach destinations, and most of them usually save a day to visit the big city. It is then when the dilemma occurs: choosing what to see, what to eat, and what to do to get the most of these 24 hours, as the cultural, gastronomic, and entertaining offer surpasses your expectations. This said, we decided to create a schedule so you can spend the best day in the city, exploring the “Roma” and “Condesa” neighborhoods, and getting to know places which chilangos frequently visit.

Building in the Colonia Roma

Building in La Roma neighborhood, decorated with plants and a central patio, as seen through a beautiful fence.

The Surprising Roma and the incomparable Condesa

First of all, it is important to know where to sleep. If you will spend your stay in these areas, we recommend you “Casa Goliana” and Red Tree House, exclusive B&B hotels; the first one with luxury rooms and services and the latter with a casual, yet intimate and friendly ambiance.

It is now time for you to check out these food, culture, and entertainment things you must do in Mexico City.

Street in la Roma

Charming street in La Roma, with elegant buildings complimented with green plants.

BreakfastMedellín Market: Inside this public market you’ll find more than 500 stands of Mexican and Latin American based products. Plus, there are innumerable options to taste traditional quesadillas, gorditas, tamales, and fresh juice, perfect for a complete and full breakfast. Suggestion: If you want to learn more about a specific product, don’t hesitate and ask the marchantes (vendors) anything you need, because almost all of them will be pleased to show you around.

Activities Parque México: A green area, surrounded by trees and emblematic for the zone, perfect for a short or long walk, and the ideal place to enjoy coffee, ice cream, and explore the nearby streets. Suggestion: Rent a bike to cover the park and neighborhood easily and with a different perspective.

Lunch La Roma Food Tour: You’ll get to know Mexico’s contemporary flavors whilst walking through beautiful streets filled with classical and unique buildings. The ultimate cultural-culinary experience! Suggestion: Book your walking tour in advance and arrive with an empty stomach!

No-Hex Negroni, Las Brujas Cocktail Bar

The mystical No-Hex Negroni cocktail being presented to a customer.

Activities MODO, Museum of the Object: A small place with unusual themed expos. In MODO you will confront a limitless number of objects gathered according to an interesting subject or theme. Suggestion: Take a padlock so you can place it on the gate at the museum’s entrance.

Dinner Merotoro: A modern restaurant with Northern taste; fish and seafood from the Sea of Cortez and recipes prepared with the incredible taste of this Mexican region. Suggestion: Fish with mussels in green broth and white wine, and creamy pumpkin rice with butter, sea urchin and shrimp.

After Brujas Bar: Inside the mystic interior of Las Brujas’s building, a peculiar bar, awaits you. Its environment will make you feel inside a fantasy, and its exotic drinks, based on ancient herbal knowledge will take you to another world. Suggestion: Lemon Verbena Forest Martini and Fairy Poison.

It is more than clear that Mexico City has so many things to do, that 24 hours will only be enough to give you a brief idea of what the city is like. However, we hope these options help you choose the most adequate and essential activities and places to visit in just one day. We also encourage you to follow us on our social media, Sabores México Food Tours, so you can learn more about how to travel around Mexico City like an authentic local saborista.