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Best cantinas in Mexico City to go with dad

Any time of the year is good to enjoy a delicious meal and a couple of drinks with dad. In Mexico, we have a long cantinas tradition that was consolidated during the Porfiriato (a period in which Porfirio Díaz ruled Mexico) when there were more than a thousand cantinas, only in Mexico City. And although […]

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Enjoy authentic Oaxacan cuisine in Mexico City

Oaxacan cuisine is one of the vastest and delicious that we have in Mexico. With dishes like mole and tlayudas, meats like tasajo and cecina, and drinks like tejate and chocolate made with water, Oaxaca’s flavors always conquer our palates. We’re so lucky that in Mexico City there are dozens of restaurants to eat Oaxacan […]

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Do you want a coffee? These are some of the best cafés in Coyoacán and San Ángel

Coffee is more than a drink. It represents a moment to enjoy yourself, to reflect, to put aside stress and to just enjoy. It is also the perfect excuse to meet with someone and talk for hours or to take a break and observe the world around you. Mexico City is full of fantastic temples of […]

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Mexico City: a real foodie paradise

Without a doubt, and with great pride, we can affirm that Mexico City is one of the best places to eat in the whole world. And not only do we say it, recognized magazines such as Forbes have included Mexico City among the five best destinations to eat in the world. It is true, its […]

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6 tacos you must try in Mexico City

For the people who live in Mexico City, listing the “best” tacos in the city is a controversial topic, as everyone claims to really know the best tacos in the world (which in many cases are the ones located in the corner of their house). This happens because there are tons of excellent tacos in […]

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A perfect weekend in Mexico City!

Mexico City is one of the largest cities in the world. There are hundreds of things to do, museums to visit, places to discover and flavors to taste. No time is enough to absorb all its grandeur, but if you only have one weekend to discover it, here are some ideas of what you can […]

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Why taking a food tour is the best option to get to know Mexico City.

Mexico City is an excellent choice for those who are willing to make a memorable trip. Whether because you want to get out of the routine and spend a weekend in a different way, or because of its proximity and economical flight costs, whatever the reason, a perfect way to explore the city is through […]

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Award winning California wines

5 reasons to come to Mexico City in the Holiday season

The December holidays are about to start and we know that you are already looking for what to do on these dates. Mexico City is an excellent option to spend Christmas and welcome the New Year and let us explain why:   Go see the Christmas lights at the Historic Center. We recommend you to […]

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The best gourmet markets in Mexico City

For several years now, gourmet markets have emerged in Mexico City. This gastronomic proposal evokes the traditional Mexican markets, because, just like them, they concentrate several local products in the same space, but all with a gourmet, chic and even luxury twist, and in a beautifully designed venue. Gourmet markets are an excellent place to […]

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Must visit mezcalerías in Mexico City

There is a mezcal boom all over the world. It seems that from one day to another this agave distillate arrived at restaurants and bars from all latitudes, becoming the favorite pick of everyone. This huge growth is the reason for the emergence of mezcalerías, which are bars specialized in mezcal and where you can […]

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