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Things To Do In Mexico City
Qué Hacer En Ciudad De México


The Saboristas Behind Sabores Mexico Food Tours

a man sitting on a bench in front of a table

Do you want to taste the best food in a travel destination? Take advice from local people. Are you willing to discover unexplored places and live authentic experiences inside a city? Ask locals for advice. If you’re in Mexico City and, in addition to the above, you are looking for a fun gastronomic adventure, take…

Los Saboristas de Sabores México Food Tours

a group of people sitting at a table in a restaurant

Si quieres probar la comida más rica de un lugar, pide consejo a los locales. Si buscas conocer los rincones menos explorados de una ciudad y vivir experiencias auténticas, pide consejo a los locales también. Si estás en la Ciudad de México y además de lo anterior, buscas una aventura gastronómica ilustrativa y divertida, ¡contacta…

The flavors of Mexican celebrations and the true story of the famous chiles en nogada


The Mexican fight for independence started on September 16th, 1810. However, we nowadays start celebrating our Independence Day and devouring Mexican food on August and formally, on September the 15th. Even though Mexico has delicious food regardless of the season, our favorite month stands out among the others because of the varied and exquisite Mexican…

Los sabores de las fiestas mexicanas y la verdadera historia de los chiles en nogada

a close up of a flag

La lucha por la Independencia de México comenzó el 16 de septiembre de 1810, pero en la actualidad, los mexicanos empezamos a festejar y a devorar platos típicos desde finales de agosto y formalmente, el 15 de septiembre. Aunque en México hay comida deliciosa durante todo el año, nuestro mes patrio destaca por la variada…

Mexican ingredients you didn’t know about

a bowl of salad on a plate

Mexican food is known worldwide specially for some iconic flavors, such as cacao, tequila or maize. Still, not everybody knows that many popular ingredients used in different countries come from Mexico. An autochthonous product is an animal or a plant whose origin is a specific country or geographic region. In Mexico, we’ve got a long…

This is why Mexican tortillas are the best

a cup of coffee on a table

There is one edible product that contains both proteins and carbs, carries calcium, and helps our bodies with the absorption of vitamins. In addition, this food can be used as an eating utensil or as a container for other edibles too. Last but not least, its delicious and unique flavor goes perfectly well with innumerable…

¿Por qué la tortilla mexicana es perfecta?

a group of people sitting at a table

Existe un alimento que contiene proteínas, carbohidratos y calcio, facilita la absorción de vitaminas en el cuerpo, se puede utilizar como utensilio o recipiente y además, su delicioso y único sabor combina perfecto con una infinidad de platillos. Aunque no lo creas, todas estas características son propias de las tortillas mexicanas, alimento que heredamos de…

Mexico City Markets

a store filled with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables on display

In the “original Mexico”, Mesoamerica, all markets, exchange centers and commercial routes were key to develop commerce. Not for nothing the famous Aztec city of Tenochtitlan was known for its magnificent “mercado” (market), which was so much more than a place to sell and buy provisions and livestock. Tenochtitlan market was the place to barter…

What Are You Cooking For March 31st, Taco Day?

a sandwich sitting on top of a table filled with food

Mexico wouldn’t be the same without tacos, and these wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for our creativity. Tacos possess an incomparable flavor that you can crave just by imagining them in front of you. They have a mouth-watering aroma that will conquer your senses even if perceived from across the street and they are…

Can you identify a Mexican table?

a plate of food with a birthday cake

Have you noticed that the most important moments in life such as first dates, business meetings and marriage proposals involve dialogue and prepared food around a table? Like any other human, Mexicans are social beings, which means we love coexisting with others in order to be okay. This is why the Mexican tradition of grouping…