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El Gran Cazador, place of the most exotic meat and insects in Mexico City

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Over fifty years ago and way before the famous Mexico City’s San Juan Market was built, many products were bartered in the park next to Ernesto Pugibet Street. Precisely there, Jorge García sold quality rabbits and kids (young goats).

A few generations later, María de Lourdes started selling chicken inside the market. However, she wasn’t fond of birds and decided to change her products and started selling rabbits and kids, the way her forefathers did. One day at a time and with the future of her children in her hands, María de Lourdes made her business grow until she received an incredible opportunity and moved to Cancun, leaving her shop in charge of her son, Fernando Velázquez García.

When the opportunity of innovating the products and orienting them into more exotic and prehispanic supplies arrived, Fernando started marketing meat from farms, local breeders, and exotic species’ experts, giving origin to the business we today know as El Gran Cazador. Ever since, El Gran Cazador has positioned itself as an influential out-of-the-box food products supplier in Mexico, thanks to the hard work of its team, their constant research, and their registrations with the SEMARNAT (Natural Resources and Environment Ministry) in order to legalize every sold species.

The majority of the meat and insects sold in El Gran Cazador are Mexican, because they’re committed to Mexican people and are always worried to know who the final consumer of their products is.

Luis Fernando Velázquez, Fernando’s son, has participated in the growing process of the butchery and in the creation of the restaurant, always wanting to share the natural flavor of meat in a nice way. He and his father started the restaurant off the cuff, serving lamb and boar mixiotes. Within a short time, success led them to expand the menu and the designated restaurant space. Thereafter, people who visit El Gran Cazador can buy exotic meat and insects to cook at home or taste delicious dishes in situ like crocodile steaks, boar hamburgers, and deer mixiotes, living a truly unique gastronomic experience.

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Article by: María José Ordóñez Platas

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