Things To Do In Mexico City

A Taste of Mexico City

The Culinary Magic of Mexico City: Food, Culture, History, and More

Mexico City is a vibrant metropolis teeming with culture, history, and some of the most delicious food in the world. At the Sabores Mexico Food Tours Blog, we’re here to take you on a gastronomic journey. Our guides and articles bring you closer to the heart and soul of Mexico as we explore regional cuisine, cooking techniques, and the rich history of Mexican food that has been shaping the country for centuries.

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Mujer catando un vino tinto en una mesa con más personas

Saborista Culinary Experiences

Culinary experiences are the best in corporate events if you are looking to have a better workplace and offer benefits to your company.
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Pan de Muertos and Food for the Dead

The shape of the pan de muerto, its preparation techniques, and flavors are different inside every Mexican region. Learn about its real origin and importance!
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The Saboristas Behind Sabores Mexico Food Tours

We’ve already shared what our saborista experience is about. Now, we write about each member of our team so you get to know the faces behind SMFT.
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The Flavors of Mexican Celebrations and the Story of Chiles en Nogada

The traditional dishes for September 15th and 16th are pozole and chiles en nogada. What do you know about these stuffed poblanos?
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Delicatessen La Jersey Gourmet, quality charcuterie and cheese

Delicatessen La Jersey Gourmet is the only place in Mexico City with more than 300 quality cheese and charcuterie products.
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Estado Natural: Zero-Waste Bulk Products

Estado Natural offers a healthy and fresh way to consume products with no brands, no packaging, and great prices. Learn more about it here!
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Oscuro Puro and Cachito Mío: Designer Chocolate, Tarts, and Quiches

Get to know Oscuro Puro and Cachito Mío where products exalt flavors and have attractive designs that make your mouth water with just a sight.
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Café Barajas: Mexican Specialty Coffee Experts

Café Barajas is a place for them an others to begin the day, chill, and mostly, learn how to drink and enjoy good coffee. Get to know it!

Cintli: The Best Tortillas in Mexico City

Cintli is an unconventional tortillería that brings back Mesoamerican nixtamalization techniques and the use of different kinds of maize cobs. Get to know it!
Mujer catando un vino tinto en una mesa con más personas

The Saborista Experience from Sabores México Food Tours

The savorist experience is designed so foodies can live like chliangos, walk, eat, have fun, and enjoy stories, neighborhoods, and Mexican dishes.
Quiz: How Mexican Are You?

Quiz: How Mexican Are You?

Have you sometimes considered how Mexican are you? You can find out easily with this taco quiz!
Everything you need to know about Mexican craft beers

Everything you need to know about Mexican craft beers

Craft beer is considered an independent, creative movement that reinterprets this classic fermented drink. What do you know about it?
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