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Things To Do In Mexico City
Qué Hacer En Ciudad De México

Mexican Gastronomy

What Are You Cooking For March 31st, Taco Day?

a sandwich sitting on top of a table filled with food

Mexico wouldn’t be the same without tacos, and these wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for our creativity. Tacos possess an incomparable flavor that you can crave just by imagining them in front of you. They have a mouth-watering aroma that will conquer your senses even if perceived from across the street and they are…

The Best Chocolate Places In Mexico City


Do you think Mexico is famous for its chocolate? Have you tried authentic Mexican chocolate or have you asked yourselves where can you find the most delicious ones in our country? Possibly you have heard about cocoa, the raw material to make chocolate and one of the most famous ingredients that Mexico gave to the…