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Things To Do In Mexico City
Qué Hacer En Ciudad De México


Cintli, the best tortillas in Mexico City

Anotación 2020-07-18 163210

Placing the best tortilla in Mexican tables would seem like a hard to accomplish goal. However, Cintli Tortillería has succeeded in doing so during the last few years due to its commitment with the defense and awareness of creole native Mexican maize from different communities.  Cintli is an unconventional tortillería that brings back Mesoamerican nixtamalization…

This is why Mexican tortillas are the best

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There is one edible product that contains both proteins and carbs, carries calcium, and helps our bodies with the absorption of vitamins. In addition, this food can be used as an eating utensil or as a container for other edibles too. Last but not least, its delicious and unique flavor goes perfectly well with innumerable…