Books, series, and movies to learn about Mexican gastronomy

Mexican culture represents different ways of life and carries distinctive aspects of our country. For us, art is expressed where handcrafts are created with the heart, exteriorizing emotions that bring us together as a nation. This said, we can affirm that gastronomy is an art that reconciles us with culture through our senses and craves. 

Experimenting gastronomy is not a task assigned exclusively to taste, because it is also possible to live it through words and/or images. This is why we chose some books, series, and movies that’ll teach you about Mexican gastronomy and what makes it so special. Enjoy!

Diccionario enciclopédico de la gastronomía mexicana (Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mexican Gastronomy)

Some classify it as the most complete gastronomic themed book, because it contains more than 4000 terms and definitions. The ingredients, utensils, dishes, and techniques described are always oriented to Mexican cooking. This 700 paged dictionary was edited by Larousse and it is one of the most recognized books from the Mexican chef and food researcher, Ricardo Muñoz Zurita. Undoubtedly, the twenty years this research took him can be appreciated on each page.

Cultura gastronómica en la Mesoamérica prehispánica (Cultural Gastronomy in the Prehispanic Mesoamerica)

Alberto Peralta de Legarreta, teacher and researcher in cultural and gastronomic tourism wrote this book, considering Mesoamerican social practices and culinary traditions to explain the importance of gastronomic culture as an expression of a group’s identity. In addition, his book describes the way humans devour symbols via food, and includes a gastronomic inventory with detailed descriptions of Mesoamerican ingredients, dishes, utensils, and techniques.

Taco Chronicles

This Netflix limited series shows the way people inside and out of Mexico live our culture through tacos. The first person narration is told from each taco’s point-of-view, and the amazing photography and close ups are mouthwatering. Whether they’re talking about tacos al pastor, de canasta, carnitas, barbacoa, asada or guisado, the chefs, writers, cultural guides, and taco makers (taqueros) in these chronicles have always something to say that compliments the story of this classic Mexican dish.

Como agua para chocolate (Like Water for Chocolate)

Alfonso Arau’s 1992 motion picture was a success, as well as Laura Esquivel’s homonymous book. The magical realism of this intimate, personal Mexican love story makes us want to watch it a thousand times. However, apart from the story, the way gastronomy is used as a link and as a metaphor for each character’s feelings is what makes it unique. Last but not least, home cures and authentic Mexican recipes are described through the story, making it a high valued Mexican cinema motion picture that everyone should get to know.

A Tale of Two Kitchens

This Netflix documental tells the story of Mexican chef Gabriela Cámara’s sister restaurants, “Contramar” and “Cala”. The short film shows the existing divergence between the two places, located in Mexico City and San Francisco, respectively. With everyday images of the restaurants’ services, backstage examples from inside the kitchens, and testimonies from Gabriela and her team, “A Tale of Two Kitchens” shows the way compromise, empathy, and love for food can change lives.

With these books, series, and movies we told you about, you’ve got a whole new way to entertain yourself while being in touch with Mexican gastronomy at home. There are no valid excuses! In addition, if you want a more complete gastronomic experience during your confinement, remember you can order your #ComeLocal box with artisanal Mexican food products. That way you’ll satisfy your stomach properly after watching these films and series and/or reading the books. Follow us on our social media, Sabores México Food Tours and stay tuned to learn more about Mexico and its gastronomy through our blog.


Article by: María José Ordóñez Platas