Culinary experiences: your best team building choice

“I never thought a cooking class could create such a sense of belonging in our team. It was fun and enriching to watch everyone’s culinary abilities and the reinforcement of their self esteem and creativity alongside their colleagues. I recommend it very much”. Denisse I. – Banner Mexico

Team building and its importance

Any company that values its human resources and considers that both continued knowledge and teamwork are keys to success, must think about team building outings, events, or activities as part of their frequent operation. The practice of creative experiences that quit the routine does not only help create functional teams and increases productivity, but reduces work-related stress, enhancing each participant’s skills and contributing to their personal growth and professional performance.

Even if it seems simple, transforming a working group into a team implies that all members are on the same page and know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. An interesting way of achieving so is through activities that motivate workers to develop their creativity and that offer an alternative environment in which they can interact, collaborate, meet, have fun, and create trust bonds among them.

The saborista team building

In Sabores México Food Tours we have a rich selection of gastronomic experiences that foster fellowship, identify leaders, and encourage participants to share their knowledge with others whilst they learn new things together, have fun, strengthen their trust, domestic solidarity, and sense of belonging.

To achieve a natural and effective team building, it is important to identify what your company or organization really needs, as well as knowing the changes you are looking for your workgroup. When you have these objectives defined, do not hesitate in sharing them with us, so we can adequate our experiences to your needs and then start your journey through gastronomy, culture-orientated team building.

“With the classic corporate integration dynamics not all employees end up having a blast, but with the chocolate and coffee tasting Sabores Mexico organized for us, everyone was delighted and couldn’t stop talking about the experience for weeks”. Luis R. – AT&T

Choose the best gastronomic experience for your company

Each one of our gastronomic experiences is as unique as every individual in your team. However, it can be adjusted to your company’s needs, values, and objectives. In fact, you don’t have to worry about planning anything, because we will handle it for you by entirely coordinating each one of the activities and making your team-building event a howling success.

Some important elements to help you choose the ideal experience for your task force are, alongside your main objectives, the number of people that will participate, their actual working relationships, their heterogeneous personalities, tastes, working methods and, of course, their interest in gastronomic and cultural issues.

If your workgroup needs some ice-breaking exercises or you want to relate people from different areas, our Tastings are perfect for you, as they create a bonding identity through an encounter with flavors, scents, colors, and history of delicious and iconic Mexican products.

On the other hand, Chefinars and Mixology sessions are perfect for a working group that needs to develop a closer relationship, improve communication, share individual work methods, and let individual personalities arise during the creation of a self-made product.

Once you’re clear on which are the gastronomic experiences your work force needs to begin their team building expedition, remember it is important to have in mind some of the participants’ health details before the activity, so as to prevent issues with possible allergies and/or food aversions or habits. Also, try to tell your people about the event or activity through a fun and unexpected speech that generates curiosity, emotion, interest, and a positive attitude towards the experience. Do not forget that the activities must take place out of the working space; if your group members work from home, suggest a change from their usual working spot to go ahead with the experience.

“The mixology class and mezcal tasting we had with Sabores Mexico’s experts were key to reduce home-office related stress and achieve a positive change in the distance work environment, because people from different areas were able to break the ice and the collaboration spirit was reinforced”. Paola G. – Bausch & Lomb

To see positive short, medium, and long-term changes in your working group, it is important to follow up the gastronomic experience in order for each participant to really develop a commitment to continue working with team spirit, innovation, and creativity, so the achieved changes remain, and your company secures better results.

Learn more about our innovative and creative gastronomic experiences at this link and give your workgroup the chance to learn, have fun, support local businesses, and become a motivated and collaborative team.

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