Do you want a coffee? These are some of the best cafés in Coyoacán and San Ángel

Coffee is more than a drink. It represents a moment to enjoy yourself, to reflect, to put aside stress and to just enjoy. It is also the perfect excuse to meet with someone and talk for hours or to take a break and observe the world around you.

Mexico City is full of fantastic temples of coffee, but on this occasion, we want to talk about some of the best cafés you can find in two of the most charming neighborhoods of the Mexican capital: Coyoacán and San Ángel.

If you are planning to spend your day in the south of the city and want to grab a delicious cup of coffee, these are our recommendations:

Café Avellaneda

Some of the most demanding people we know agree that this small café located a few steps from Coyoacan’s San Juan Bautista Church offers the best coffee in the area. Its great success lies in two things: the first is that it has a great variety of coffee brewing methods, so you can have an exquisite drink prepared based on your exact preferences. The second one is that their menu offers grains from various regions of the country, so in this place, you can taste flavors that are not so easy to find in the city.

Address: Higuera #40-A, colonia La Concepción.

Café Negro

This café has a New York style vibe; even so, all the coffee sold here is 100% Mexican. The best advice is to accompany your drink with a piece of their artisan bakery, or, if you are hungrier, you can order a ciabatta, a sandwich or a salad, all made with fresh and organic products.

It is also an excellent place to work in Coyoacán, as it has plugs everywhere and Wi-Fi connection is pretty good.

Address: Centenario #16, colonia Del Carmen.

Café Ruta de la Seda

This cozy café is one of the most famous in Coyoacán. When you taste its delicious coffee, mainly coming from Chiapas, you will easily understand its popularity. However, the Ruta de la Seda star is not only coffee but also its pastry that is absolutely irresistible. Everything will leave a smile on your face, but the matcha cake, which is the house specialty, will make you feel that you’ve arrived in paradise.

Address: Aurora #1, colonia Barrio de Santa Catarina.

El Jarocho

We can’t talk about coffee and Coyoacán without mentioning the legendary El Jarocho. This is, without a doubt, the most traditional café in the neighborhood and enjoys a huge reputation, so be prepared to stand in line before enjoying your drink. El Jarocho has several locations throughout Coyoacán and none of them offer tables to sit, at most you will find some chairs, so the idea mainly is that you buy your coffee to go and enjoy it while you wander around the beautiful streets of the area.

Coffee is good, hot chocolate too, and also here you will find fresh bakery and even tortas (a kind of Mexican sandwiches).

Address: it has several locations, but probably the most popular is the one located on the corner of Cuauhtémoc and Allende streets (colonia Del Carmen).

Borola Café

This small coffee shop located in the heart of San Ángel is ideal for taking a break and enjoying a good coffee and a delicious dessert.

It specializes in Mexican coffee prepared with different brewing methods, and what we love about it is that before choosing the one you want, you can immerse in the various coffee beans that are offered here, smell them, feel them and even bite them.

Address: Plaza San Jacinto #12, colonia San Ángel.



Maque is more of a restaurant than a cafeteria, but it offers such a delicious coffee that it’s well worth the visit. We recommend having breakfast here and then enjoy a coffee accompanied by one of their glorious pieces of bread. Trust us, you’ll want to repeat this formula every morning!

Address: Altavista #131, colonia San Ángel Inn.

These are some of the best options to have a coffee in Coyoacán and San Ángel. If you want to discover more delicious flavors, not only of coffee but of many other Mexican drinks and foods, we invite you to join some of the fun and delicious food tours that we offer at Sabores México. We are sure you will love them!