Enjoy authentic Oaxacan cuisine in Mexico City

Oaxacan cuisine is one of the vastest and delicious that we have in Mexico. With dishes like mole and tlayudas, meats like tasajo and cecina, and drinks like tejate and chocolate made with water, Oaxaca’s flavors always conquer our palates.

We’re so lucky that in Mexico City there are dozens of restaurants to eat Oaxacan delicacies!

These are our top recommendations:


Pasillo de Humo

In honor of the famous “pasillo de humo” (smoke hall) of 20 de Noviembre market located in the city of Oaxaca -where delicious local meats are prepared in grills- this restaurant located in the gourmet market Parián Condesa emerged.

The place is small, ideal for lunch or dinner before exploring the Condesa neighborhood. What we like most about this restaurant is that it offers dishes from different regions of the state of Oaxaca, so in addition to finding moles of different types and colors, here you can try delicacies such as molotes istmeños, chiles de agua and different soups.

Address: Nuevo León #107, colonia Hipódromo Condesa (first floor of Parián Condesa).



Santa María la Ribera neighborhood has several gastronomic treasures and this is definitely one of them.

When you sit at one of OaxacAquí tables, it is as if you were sitting at a restaurant in Oaxaca’s city downtown. In here, the irresistible aromas, flavors and textures of Oaxacan homemade cuisine are combined in an authentic way, because all the dishes are cooked with products brought every week from there.

Address: Dr. Atl #205, colonia Santa María la Ribera.


Doña Lula

The menu of this restaurant located south of the city is super extensive, so it’s an ideal place to try a great variety of Oaxacan food. Of course, here you’ll find tlayudas, chapulines, tasajo and 5 of the 7 main moles of Oaxaca.

It’s an excellent place to go with family and share different dishes to try a bit of everything.

Address: Av. Revolución #1318, colonia Guadalupe Inn.


Guzina Oaxaca

Oaxacan homemade cuisine can also be found at high-end restaurants and Guzina Oaxaca is a perfect example of this.

Led by Chef Alejandro Ruíz, who is also behind Casa Oaxaca, one of the most famous restaurants in Oaxaca city, this place is perfect to taste Oaxacan exquisite flavors in an avant-garde atmosphere.

Address: Presidente Masaryk #513, colonia Polanco.


Oaxaca en México

In the historic center of Mexico City you can find all the flavors of the country (and even the world!), so it’s a great option to go after Oaxacan delicacies.

Oaxaca en México is a restaurant with traditional and delicious flavors, so we assure you that you will leave with a big smile in your mouth and having known more about this exquisite gastronomy. In our Historic Center Food Tour we make a stop at this restaurant, so we invite you to join us to eat delicious Oaxacan food and discover the best of Mexican cuisine by the hand of a passionate foodie.

Address: Luis Moya #59, colonia Centro.