Insider’s Map: Vol. 5 & 6

To explore the biggest and most populated city in Mexico is not an easy task, for as deciding between apples and oranges, we usually end up staying home or heading to the same taco places, shopping in the same stores, or visiting the most famous museums. To avoid this and take advantage of our city’s full potential, the Sabores México team continues to share some of the spaces you must discover, without being disappointed.

Volume 5

For this volume of the Insider’s Map, Ro and Sof surprised us with the following spots:

1.    Expendio de maíz sin nombre (Corn retail store without a name)

This retail store aims fair trade and the use of creole corn through rural cooking techniques. The corn is brought from Guerrero and is used to prepare great dishes with exquisite sauces. The menu varies daily, depending on what the team finds in the market.

2. Amamba

Are you familiar with Morelian gaspachos? These are fruit cocktails accompanied with Cotija cheese and powdered chili, an exquisite combination to freshen you up on a hot day. Apart from the traditional street gazpacho from Michoacán, this spot in La Roma offers delicious kombuchas, juices and specialty coffee.

3. Mictlan vegan antojitos (cravings)

Many vegan chilangos miss enjoying delicious cochinita pibil tacos, a traditional pambazo, or a crunchy tasajo tlayuda. Therefore, this space in the Narvarte neighborhood serves vegan garnachas with the authentic Mexican seasoning, and with very accessible prices.

 4.       Aeromoto

If you are a literature lover, Aeromoto is perfect for you, as it gathers thousands of independent books about contemporary culture inside and antique house in the Historic downtown. This place holds diverse events, meetings, workshops and activities surrounding literature, and the collection is available for in-house consultation.

 5.       Fonda Margarita

This iconic place is perfect for early risers and party-all-nighters, because it opens its doors at 6 AM to offer several traditional Mexican dishes, prepared in huge and steamy coal pots. If you decide to visit the Tlacoquemécatl Del Valle neighborhood and check it out, we recommend you the scrambled eggs with black beans. Be sure to arrive early because they close at 11 AM.

6. Guillermo Tovar y de Teresa’s House

This not so popular museum and cultural center in La Roma used to be home of Mexico City’s last chronicler, which is why anyone who loves this huge city should walk through its ails and discover the collection of objects, furniture, and books that it harbors.

7. Koko Yaki

The traditional Japanese taiyaki or fish ice-cream are served in Koko Yaki in their most delicious and fun version, because seasonal flavors like cempasúchil flower or rose petals, as well as the favorites: matcha, horchata, and activated coal will make this way of eating ice-cream, become your favorite.

Volume 6

For the sixth Insider’s Map, it was Dul and Majo’s turn to share some chilango spots and activities.

1. Comedor de los milagros

This culinary paradise where ingredients and flavors from different Latin-American countries live together is in La Roma neighborhood. Agárrate Catalina, Valderrama, Lima mía, and La Carajita are some of this eatery’s restaurants, where the mood and the Latin flavors never dissapoint. We recommend you try the carajita tostones, the stuffed al plomo sweet potato, and the lulo water.

2. Don Frank

This taco and juice shop has already five branches in the city, because the tacos, fresh juice, and hamburgers they serve are warranty for quality and chilango tradition. The average check is from $80 to $140, depending on what you have. Among favorites, you’ll find the al pastor tacos, the rib quesadilla, and the bomb smoothie.

 3.       Tacos joven (Young tacos)

Whether you have a black bean, a potato, a pork rind, meat in adobo, green mole, or shredded meat taco, each one of this street delicacies in the Vértiz Narvarte neighborhood is a worth it. Even though they’re expensive for a basket taco ($15), their flavor and salsas (green with avocado and red with pork rinds) are worth each peso.

4. Greenway tours

If you like being a tourist, but you get tired easily, these segway tours are perfect for you. There are options to explore Reforma, Polanco, and the Historic Center during the day or by night, with or without historic stops, adequating the rhythm of the tour to your interests, an original way to wander around the city.

5. Los milanesos

The chilangos that live around Olivar de los Padres neighborhood are aware of Los milanesos’ location. These iconic tacos have conquered palates for more than 20 years, because Don Betancourt, the owner, is aware that apart from the specialty of the house (beef milanesa taco), the chicken milanesa one, the ham and cheese, and the stew options (pork rib with adobo, pork rinds with cactus, suadero with green sauce) never disappoint anyone.

We hope you are now hungry and ready to explore the streets of Mexico City after reading these recommendations. If you visit any of the spots shared on our Insider’s Map, don’t forget to tag us on social media (@saboresmexicoft) and use the #InsidersMapSMFT.

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