Mexico City: a real foodie paradise

Without a doubt, and with great pride, we can affirm that Mexico City is one of the best places to eat in the whole world. And not only do we say it, recognized magazines such as Forbes have included Mexico City among the five best destinations to eat in the world.

It is true, its gastronomic offer is enormous and includes not only Mexican food, but also extraordinary international cuisine options.

Also, it is the best destination to taste the different cuisines that exist throughout the country; being the capital of Mexico, in this city it’s where all the flavors of the vast Mexican gastronomy converge.

No matter in which area of the city you are, you’ll always find a delicious local restaurant, some mouthwatering street tacos, or a Mexican “antojito” that will make you smile after each bite.

Mexico City is a real foodie paradise. If you consider yourself one, these are the foods you should eat while visiting our fascinating city.


Tacos, ¡of course!

For real, tacos are the gastronomic heart of the city. Visiting Mexico City and not eating tacos is like not having come at all. So, with this in mind, your main goal as a foodie is to try as many tacos you can while you’re in the city, and for that, we can help you! In Sabores Mexico we have a taco food tour where, besides taking you to eat some of the best tacos in town (which you can accompany with delicious local craft beers), we will take you to a mezcalería, another of the gastronomic must do’s in CDMX.


Street quesadillas

In Mexico, street food has a unique charm. Of course, not all street stalls are good, but most of them are. Don’t leave the city without trying some street quesadillas: those that are served at the corner of the streets. The flavors that we recommend are the classic ones of only cheese, carne deshebrada (shredded meat), chicharrón prensado (fried pork rinds) and huitlacoche (corn fungus).


Craft beers and mezcal

Beverages are also an important part of any gastronomy. Although there is a wide variety of national and local drinks that you can try while in the city, you can’t miss savoring some craft beers and a good mezcal. They are an essential part of the city’s gastronomy and in recent years there has been an interesting local artisanal movement around them; also, they are the perfect companion to taste any food.



You may be wondering, why seafood if Mexico City is not a coastal city? Well, we are in a foodie paradise that every day surprises us more, and among its surprises, we can find exquisite seafood prepared in very different ways coming from other states in the country such as Sinaloa, Veracruz, Guerrero, Sonora and Baja California, among others. Of course, the place to eat them is better to choose it with previous recommendation.

At Sabores México, in addition to the Tacos, Beer and Mezcal food tour that we mentioned above, we have two other gastronomic tours where you can try everything we recommend here, including exquisite seafood.

Don’t wait any longer; we invite you to join one of our delicious food tours and make that foodie you have inside very happy. Enjoy!