Must visit mezcalerías in Mexico City

There is a mezcal boom all over the world. It seems that from one day to another this agave distillate arrived at restaurants and bars from all latitudes, becoming the favorite pick of everyone.

This huge growth is the reason for the emergence of mezcalerías, which are bars specialized in mezcal and where you can find varieties of the different Mexican states that produce it. In Mexico City, there are excellent options that have become true temples of mezcal.

Without further ado, let’s go for a mezcal!


La Clandestina

We can’t talk about mezcalerías without mentioning Condesa neighborhood; here there are tons of them. What we like the most about this place is its unpretentious vibe and that the people who work here really know about this distillate. They have a mezcal menu with more than 40 varieties, each one presented with complete information about its properties, place of origin and other interesting facts.

Address: Álvaro Obregón #298, colonia Condesa.


El Palenquito

Roma neighborhood can’t be left out in a list of mezcalerías in Mexico City either. Here, El Palenquito stands out for its atmosphere that evokes the Palenque of Santiago Matatlán in Oaxaca, where the mezcal they serve is produced. This bar belongs to the owners of La Clandestina, so here you will also find a menu with meticulous descriptions of their drinks. The atmosphere is pretty intimate, so it is ideal for going with your special someone.

Address: Álvaro Obregón #39, colonia Roma.


Corazón de Maguey

Corazon de Maguey has been in the heart of Coyoacán neighborhood for several years. It is an excellent place not only to drink mezcal, but to eat delicious Oaxacan traditional cuisine. To the good experience of visiting this place, we have to add its nice design with walls painted in bright colors, and folkloric décor with crafts and elements of Mexican culture.

Address: Jardín Centenario #9ª, Coyoacán.



The owners of this small mezcalería are usually around, giving a very fraternal atmosphere to the place. Its menu is small but consistent, with options from the states of Oaxaca, Guerrero and Michoacán. It is located in Barrio Alameda, a commercial complex installed in a 1920s art déco building. Here you can also find crafts and independent Mexican designers shops, as well as the rooftop bar “La Azotea” which has an incredible 360° view. For all these reasons, we recommend planning to spend more than a couple of hours in here.

Address: dentro de Barrio Alameda, Doctor Mora #9, colonia Centro.


Barra Alipús

If you are south of the city, go to Centro de Tlalpan; it’s a picturesque place to visit, and it has interesting gastronomic options. Here you can find Barra Alipús, a mezcalería that only serves and sells this brand of mezcal (Alipús) that is made by independent producers in Oaxaca. It is a small and modest place, but where you can enjoy a good mezcal and eat tasty food.

Address: Guadalupe Victoria #15, colonia Tlalpan Centro.