Places you did not know existed in Mexico City

Whether it’s your first time in Mexico City or you’ve visited more than twice, you surely have discovered new places where to indulge your palate or go to an exhibit every time you’ve returned. And these have been added to your top of the tops list that will be used later to amaze your friends with new stories to tell. That’s why we’d like to offer new names that may be of interest to you to improve that list.


Discover what is under the Metropolitan Cathedral.

A guided tour provided by the National Institute of Anthropology and History takes you on a tour where you can explore the Cathedral’s crypts where some of its archbishops are buried, remains of ancient Mexico stone temples such the Temple of the Wind and the Temple of the Sun.


Have breakfast at La Casa de los Azulejos.

If your visit starts in the Historic Center a good place to have breakfast before embarking in a great walk is La Casa de los Azulejos, a house whose façade is entirely covered with Talavera tiles from Puebla. Its baroque style will fascinate you as well as its balconies and moldings made with cantera stone.


Take a sweet piece of Mexico with you.

La Dulcería de Celaya is one of the oldest and most beautiful candy stores in the city. Opened in 1874, typical Mexican sweets such as jamoncillos, buñuelos and daneses, among others were made in the basement of the house in which it is located. One of the best ways to experience this amazing place is by joining us to our food tour in the Historic Center.


Shopping antiques at La Lagunilla.

Sundays are to visit the antique market at La Lagunilla district where collectors, interior designers and even hipsters go to get their hand on various precious antiques. You can marvel yourself at anything from old acetate albums from Mexican singers such as Jorge Negrete, to books on Mexico City’s history, to old paintings. A walk around this place is a must but its best if you bring an experienced guide along.


So now you know, do not miss visiting these places next time you come to Mexico City. We have prepared a list of safe recommendations for you to download and have with you at all times while in the city. Be safe: Safety tips for travelers.


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