The Sabores Approach to Tourism and Community

At Sabores Mexico Food Tours we are dedicated to giving back. Our tours celebrate Mexican food, culture, and history in an authentic, sustainable way.

The main ingredients behind what we do at Sabores...

At Sabores México Food Tours, we have built a tour company that places community and collaboration at the heart of everything we do.

With an eye on sustainable eco-tourism, we have dedicated ourselves to giving something back. We understand that the success of the local economy is married to the success of our business. We’ve created ever more robust bonds with small local businesses as we have gone from strength to strength. As we have expanded, we have reinvested. We champion our local communities and reward those we work by always offering fair, competitive wages.

The most satisfying part of our work is meeting our guests and getting to know the many local business owners who cooperate with us during our tastings and city tours. Through building meaningful human connections, we can better introduce our guests to the world of authentic Mexican food, history, and culture.

A booming tourist trade can do wonders for a city and its neighbourhoods. But it’s vital that the behaviour of tour companies is ethical and community-focused. At Sabores, we are dedicated to livelihood improvement. As we journey through Mexico City on our food tours, we celebrate the restaurants, market stalls, and food producers we partner with — they’re the real stars of the show!

Given that our guided Mexico City Food tours explore traditional Mexican cuisine and culture, we are proud to say that our business is 100% Mexican-owned. We employ a diverse, multi-disciplinary staff with a female majority. And when organizing our tours, we are mindful of the need to have local people tell their own stories. On a Sabores food tour, you don’t see Mexican culture through a tourist lens. You are given an insight into how life is truly lived here.

We established our company to champion the things we’re passionate about Mexican culture, food, and the vibrancy of Mexico City! This passion continues to underpin every aspect of our working model. We believe that our positive, responsible approach can be a real force for good in the community while delivering travelers with experiences they’ll never forget.

Where is my money going?

Everything we do is planned and developed with community in mind.

Because we love our city and the people who make it unique, we champion local businesses and invest locally. As our company flourishes, we strengthen our bonds with the specialty shops and restaurants we work with. We believe that economic success should be distributed through local neighborhoods, with job creation, competitive wages, and regeneration in mind. And we pay equal respect to contemporary culture and tradition. We give our guests an expansive experience of Mexico City in the 21st century, celebrating its vibrancy and diversity.

Aware of the detrimental effects that over-tourism can have, we place reinvestment at the center of our company philosophy. We give our employees the training that allows them to grow within their roles, and to develop transferable skills. As Sabores Mexico has grown, we have ensured that our salaries are competitive – we succeed as a family unit.

The family-orientated nature of our work sets us apart. Our close ties throughout the neighborhoods where we organize our tastings and tours mean our guests are treated to Mexico City as experienced by locals. As you explore Mexico’s history, food, and architecture on our tours, you do so as part of the Sabores Mexico family.

Mission Statement

At Sabores México Food Tours we’re motivated by three guiding principles:

Passion and positivity

We established our business to celebrate the things we’re most passionate about: Mexican food and culture, and the vibrancy of Mexico City! We love the diversity of Mexican cuisine and the energy of our city, and we want to share that love with you.

The best travel experiences are meaningful travel experiences. On one of our tours, you don’t see Mexico through a tourist lens but as it’s experienced locally. This is the story of Mexico, told by those who know it best and who take pleasure in sharing it with international travelers.


As we’re dedicated to responsible, sustainable tourism, we need to ensure that our business is a force for good within the local community. With this in mind, we place a premium on building lasting partnerships with the small businesses, restaurants, market stalls, and producers we work with. When you join one of our tours, you will see that local people are the stars of the show.

Our business is 100% Mexican-owned and we only collaborate with those who possess deep knowledge and passion for what they do. We at Sabores Mexico Food Tours are proud to be Mexican and are committed to keeping alive the ancient traditions and recipes of this country.

Economic responsibility

The success of travel companies must always mean success for local communities! With our tours, we always aim to shine a light on our favorite neighbourhoods and businesses, giving our international guests a meaningful encounter with the best our beloved city has to offer.

At Sabores Mexico Food Tours, we are dedicated to livelihood improvement. As our business has grown, we’ve given back and will continue to do so. We invest with long-term sustainability in mind and endeavour to be a positive force in our local communities. Our work is about championing the people and businesses that make our city so unique.

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