The best gourmet markets in Mexico City

For several years now, gourmet markets have emerged in Mexico City. This gastronomic proposal evokes the traditional Mexican markets, because, just like them, they concentrate several local products in the same space, but all with a gourmet, chic and even luxury twist, and in a beautifully designed venue.

Gourmet markets are an excellent place to try different cuisines in one same visit while enjoying a pleasant atmosphere. For locals, they’ve become one more option to go out with friends and start a night out.

Although “gourmet market” style proposals are born in the city continuously, here we want to talk to you about some of the best ones. We are sure you will love them and that they will satisfy your foodie’s heart.


Mercado Roma

But of course that always trendy Roma neighborhood has to have its gourmet market; in fact, it was one of the first to open (if not the first). In addition to a wide variety of stalls with innovative gastronomic offerings and a quite pleasant beer garden, here you will also find small branches of well-known restaurants in the city.

Address: Querétaro #25, colonia Roma.

It also has a location in Coyoacán neighborhood: Miguel Ángel de Quevedo #353, colonia Santa Catarina.


Parián Condesa

Since we talked about Roma neighborhood, we will also mention this market that is located in its little sister: la Condesa. Although this neighborhood is full of gastronomic proposals, the truth is that this place is a delightful surprise. It features around ten stalls where you will find a nice variety of food like cochinita pibil, tacos de arrachera, pizzas and seafood. The cherry on the cake is the delicious restaurant of authentic Oaxacan cuisine, “Pasillo de Humo” (hall of smoke), located on the upper level.

Address: Nuevo León #107, colonia Condesa.


Mercado Independencia

If you are around the historic center, this will be your gourmet market option. It has little more than ten places where you can drink pulque, mezcal and craft beers, and eat Mexican food, sushi, burgers and even crepes. It is a good place to take a break and chill after a long walk through the heart of the city.

Address: Independencia #40, colonia Centro.


Mercado Molière

Gourmet markets trend also arrived in Polanco and this is one of the best options. This neighborhood is characterized by its offer of haute cuisine restaurants, so this more relaxed proposal is a fresh respite in the area. Here you will find many international food options, but if you’re going after Mexican gastronomy, you can also eat tacos, tortas, flautas and other local delicacies.

Address: Prolongación Molière #500, colonia Polanco.


Mercado Del Carmen

The south of the city has this gourmet market located in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods: San Ángel. It has around 30 stalls, where not only food products are sold, but also beauty articles and gifts. If you want to spend a lovely afternoon in this picturesque neighborhood, Mercado del Carmen is definitely a great option. Don’t miss the exquisite desserts of Moira’s Bakehouse!

Address: Amargura #5, colonia San Ángel.


Mercado de San Juan

This market is very different from the rest mentioned above. It is cataloged as a traditional market, but, due to the type of products sold here, it is also considered gourmet. It is mainly known for its exotic food which includes dishes prepared with meat from wild animals and insects. In our historic center food tour we make a stop at this market, so if you want to visit it, we invite you to join us!

Address: Ernesto Pugibet #21, colonia Centro.