The Saboristas Behind Sabores Mexico Food Tours

Do you want to taste the best food in a travel destination? Take advice from local people. Are you willing to discover unexplored places and live authentic experiences inside a city? Ask locals for advice. If you’re in Mexico City and, in addition to the above, you are looking for a fun gastronomic adventure, take advice from the Sabores México Food Tours’ team of locals!

We’ve already shared what our Saborista experience is about and what makes it unique. Today, we write about each member of our team so you get to know the faces behind SMFT.

a young girl who is smiling and looking at the cameraGraze Ballado, Saborista host

After studying Tourism Management, Graze realized that trips and gastronomic experiences were her thing. In Sabores Mexico she has found a place to share her love for Mexico and its food through laughter, stories, and experiences.

Favorite Mexican dish and drink: cochinita pibil and curated pulque.

Hobbies: flag football.

Favorite Saborista tour: all of them! 

a man that is standing in the grassSofía Medina, Saborista host

Sofía graduated with a degree in Philosophy, loves nature, and adores Mexican gastronomy. Thanks to Sabores Mexico local and unique approaches, she has been able to share her love for food with tourists and local foodies.

Favorite Mexican dish and drink: enmoladas, tequila, and hot chocolate.

Hobbies: hiking, reading, and writing.

Favorite Saborista tour: Colonia Roma Food Tour

a close up of a girl wearing a hat and smiling at the cameraRaquel Massry, Saborista host

Raquel holds a degree in Philosophy and is attached to great food. In Sabores Mexico she has realized that she never gets tired of walking through Mexico City’s streets and tasting its gastronomic offer, because she learns, discovers, and tastes different things each time. 

Favorite Mexican dish and drink: chiles en nogada, pulque, tejuino, and tascalate.

Hobbies: cooking, reading, and riding her bike.

Favorite Saborista tour: all of them!

Fer Correro, Saborista host

Fer studied Theater and Dramatic Arts, although she also attended Gastronomy and Medical Schools for a while. What she enjoys most is walking, meeting new people, chatting, and sharing Mexican gastronomy around a table, pleasures that have been consolidated since she joined SMFT.

Favorite Mexican dish and drink: mole, rice horchata, and pozol.

Hobbies: karaoke singing, dancing, reading mystery novels, and cooking.

Favorite Saborista tour: Colonia Roma Food Tours

Dulce García, Saborista Operations & Logisticsa woman smiling for the camera

Dulce studied Hotel Management, but her passion for Mexico and its gastronomy started long before. In Sabores Mexico she has been able to share this love and draw people closer to the best and most authentic Mexican flavors.

Favorite Mexican dish and drink: white pozole, tacos, horchata water, and atole champurrado.

Hobbies: reading romantic or terror novels, watching movies, and series. 

Favorite Saborista tour: Centro Histórico Food Tour

Majo Ordóñez, Saborista bloggera woman smiling for the camera

Apart from writing, what I enjoy best is eating and discovering great flavors. My professional training in Cultural and Gastronomic Tourism has made me aware that sharing the history of Mexican food, ingredients, techniques, and classic dishes, the way Sabores Mexico does, is the best way to get to know our culture.

Favorite Mexican dish and drink: mole, gorditas de chicharrón, tacos al pastor, horchata water, and the tuba.

Hobbies: dancing, reading, preparing desserts, and baking.

Favorite Saborista tour: Colonia Roma Food Tour

a man wearing glasses and smiling at the cameraRodrigo López, the original Saborista

Despite being a photographer, Rodrigo has a passion for food, which is why he created SMFT, a space to share his love for Mexican flavors and for Mexico City’s gastronomic offer. He considers himself as a tragón (glutton/gourmand) because there’s nothing he likes more than a dish with new flavors for his palate to try.

Favorite Mexican dish and drink: tortilla soup, chicharrón en salsa roja, tacos al pastor, cochinita pibil, zarandeado fish, tejate, mezcal, and tequila.

Hobbies: riding his bike, visiting museums, and listening to music.

Favorite Saborista tour: All of them!

Graze, Sofía, Raquel, Majo, Dulce, Fer, and Rodrigo are just some of the people that bring together our Sabores México Food Tours family. Yet, our foodie walking tours, social media management, and this blog’s content wouldn’t be possible without them. 

Now that you know us a little more, you can be sure that there are no better guides for you to discover the most authentic Mexican flavors and the history behind each of them. Plunge into adventure and live the Sabores México Food Tours experience in Mexico City! Don’t miss the chance of becoming an experimented Saborista! Remember to follow us on our social media to be tuned on new projects.