The Saborista Experience from Sabores México Food Tours

When the experimental food enthusiast Rodrigo López Aldana realized he could merge his passion for gastronomy with his love for Mexico City and create an unforgettable experience, Sabores México Food Tours was born.

Ever since, the project has grown thanks to a committed team of chilangos (Mexico City locals) who adore Mexican food, love exploring the unknown, and enjoy sharing the best of Mexico City through its flavors. 

Something makes us Mexicans unique regarding food: food makes us smile…

We’re also in love with our country’s capital. Local products, traditional techniques, the symbolism of food, and traditions hidden inside every Mexican dish inspire us. This is why, since 2012, we have dedicated our time to sharing the most delicious Mexican flavors, the classic architecture, and the exciting stories of Mexico City, with more than 12,000 foodies looking to experience Mexico City in a fun, unique way.

At Sabores México Food Tours, we are proudly Mexican. We are also aware that our culinary tradition is a matchless way of getting to know Mexican culture, which is why we are committed to keeping alive the techniques, recipes, flavors, and anecdotes that make our gastronomy an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity from UNESCO.

Mexico City is a vibrant destination. Both historical and ultra-modern. A place where one can taste the country’s regional food thanks to its dizzying variety of gastronomic offerings. Plus, it’s a place that transmits the best of Mexican culture through beautiful historical places. We love it for good reason…it’s a special city. 

The Saborista experience is designed so foodies can live like locals, walk, eat, have fun, and enjoy stories, neighborhoods, and Mexican dishes.

The quality of food and generous portions inside each location on our tours, our personalized attention, and the invaluable knowledge of our guides are some of the things you’ll only find with us.

We also support local chefs and food producers, always promoting the Buy Local Movement.

If you love good eating, tasting new or exotic dishes, and taking lots of pictures of your meals, you’re a foodie.

By living the Sabores México Food Tours experience, you’ll become a Saborista interested in meeting the people behind the food and listening to their passions, stories, and secrets.

A Saborista also enjoys savoring the dish before them and always wants to know the origin of an ingredient and technique, looking to understand their meaning in a cultural gastronomic context fully. 

Now that you know more about who we are, we encourage you and kindly invite you to live the Sabores México Food Tour experience, where you’ll have fun, enjoy your time around a table, and learn about Mexican gastronomic culture — become a Saborista! Are you up for it? Don’t forget to follow us on our social media and stay tuned for all our new projects.

Now, browse our full range of Mexico City Food Tours and prepare to take your first steps into the magical world of Mexican cuisine.

Article by: María José Ordóñez Platas