Friends and Chocolate Tour, Mexico City

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Tasting Experience

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  • 2 Hours
  • 8 People Per Tour
  • Tuesday to Sunday12:00 & 18:00 hrs
  • Guanajuato 138, Col. Roma
  • Languages AvailableEnglish or Spanish

A Mexico City chocolate tasting with friends...what could be better?

Dive into a world of history, local culture, and flavor as we explore the diversity and richness of Mexican chocolate. We’ll also create several delicious food pairings along the way. Let your curiosity and enthusiasm be your guide on this culinary adventure. Our professional chocolatier, a true master in the art of chocolate, will guide you through this sensory exploration, showcasing the nuanced flavors and alluring aromas inherent in Mexican cacao. Keep reading to find out more, and we also recommend checking out our Mexico City Private Tours if you’d like a more personal experience. For something more… soulful, check out our Dia de los Muertos Tour in Mexico City.

On this Mexico City chocolate tour, you will learn and apply sophisticated tasting techniques, and your taste buds will gradually reveal this complex food’s distinct and exceptional attributes. We have curated our pairings to include tried-and-true combinations and innovative, pleasantly surprising discoveries that will tickle your palate.

Discover the Magic of Chocolate Pairing in Mexico City

Venture into the realm of culinary creativity as you dare to experiment with six distinct chocolates and ten complementary pairing elements. You are encouraged to mix and blend to your heart’s content, enjoying the symphony of flavors resulting from your experiments.

Form enduring connections as you revel in the communal delight of chocolate tasting. In this warm atmosphere, not only will you get to enjoy the exquisite taste of Mexican chocolate, but you’ll also get to forge new friendships.

Learn all about the world’s most beloved treat in Mexico, one of the world’s oldest chocolate producers! If you have any questions about this tour or our other Mexico City Food Tours, please get in touch


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The Tastings

  • Cacao bean
  • Fermented cacao bean
  • Cacao nibs
  • Chocolate 100%, 80%, 70%, 70% with chipotle, 56% with milk and 42% white chocolate
  • Chocolate and caramel truffle
  • Glass of sparkling white wine
  • Food pairings
  • Palate cleansers
  • Tasting sheet


  • Options available for vegetarians, allergies, and special dietary needs
  • Food tastings are subject to change without notice.
  • Free cancellation up to 24 hours before a tour.

An Overview of Mexican Chocolate

Rooted in rich tradition and history, cacao, the fundamental ingredient of chocolate, has had a profound significance in Mexico for millennia. It has been skillfully crafted into mouthwatering recipes that have delighted generations. In contemporary times, the fertile regions of Chiapas, Tabasco, and Guerrero stand at the forefront of Mexico’s flourishing chocolate production. Chocolate is not simply a sweet treat in this vibrant nation; it is a cultural cornerstone, captivating both the palate and the heart.

Dive into the Friends and Chocolate tour, where we unravel the captivating history of one of the world’s most cherished delicacies. Our hospitable and knowledgeable guides will conjure images of verdant cacao plantations as they explore the rich cultural legacy of chocolate in Mexico. This journey will take you from traditional beverages like “xocoatl”, an ancient Aztec drink made from cacao, to sacred ceremonies and rituals associated with cacao.

Interestingly, cacao beans were so valuable in ancient Mesoamerican cultures that they were used as a form of currency. This underlines the profound importance and respect given to cacao and chocolate in Mexican history.

During this immersive experience, you’ll also have the opportunity to taste a variety of exquisite chocolate masterpieces that represent the depth and breadth of Mexican chocolate craftsmanship.

Our Friends and Chocolate tour is an ideal adventure for chocolate aficionados and individuals with a penchant for history and culture. This is your unique chance to tantalize your taste buds, immerse your senses in rich aromas, and uncover the fascinating world of Mexican chocolate.

Secure your spot today and embark on a journey of taste and tradition!

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