Privacy Policy

SABORES MEXICO FOOD TOURS AND/OR RODRIGO JOEL LÓPEZ ALDANA, located at Oasis 10, Colonia Parques del Pedregal, Mexico City, 14010, states the name of the company and the address where all proceedings that arise from this privacy notice will be notified. These will be derivative of information and personal data obtained through the forms owned by SABORES MEXICO FOOD TOURS and/or RODRIGO JOEL LÓPEZ ALDANA, giving strict compliance to the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Individuals (henceforth “the Law”) and its Regulations agree to the following:

Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice regulates the forms, terms, and conditions by which SABORES MEXICO FOOD TOURS and/or RODRIGO JOEL LÓPEZ ALDANA, including its subsidiaries and related companies, are authorized by the “Title Holder” to obtain, treat and transfer personal data (hereinafter the “Data”) of the “Title Holder”.

Third-party websites, the website of SABORES MÉXICO FOOD TOURS and/ or RODRIGO JOEL LÓPEZ ALDANA, may include links to third-party websites, if you can access such links, you will leave the website of SABORES MEXICO FOOD TOURS and/or RODRIGO JOEL LÓPEZ ALDANA, for which the latter has no responsibility in relation to those third party websites.

The “Title Holder” states by sworn testimony that:

In the case that this privacy notice is available through an electronic page (website, social network, or similar) or any other electronic device, by purchasing any of our services, by clicking on “agree” or by continuing navigating on the site in any other way, or by providing your “Data” through it, those actions constitute a manifestation of your consent for SABORES MÉXICO FOOD TOURS AND / OR ROGRIGO JOEL LÓPEZ ALDANA, to process your “Data”, in accordance with this privacy notice.

That all the information provided by the “Title Holder” to SABORES MEXICO FOOD TOURS and/or RODRIGO JOEL LÓPEZ ALDANA, is truthful and complete so that it will stand by the “Data” they provided at all times.

Treatment of Personal Data

For the purposes indicated in this privacy notice, we may collect your personal data in different ways: when you provide it to us directly by participating in any of our services, by accessing our websites: and, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media of Sabores Mexico, and when we obtain your information through other sources that are permitted by law.

Personal data is collected directly when the “Title Holder” provides them freely and voluntarily by various means so that SABORES MEXICO FOOD TOURS and/or RODRIGO JOEL LÓPEZ ALDANA, know their products or services by participating in promotions and/or offers or when you commission us to deliver some type of service or when an actual type of contractual and/or commercial relationship occurs.

Likewise, we inform you that in order to comply with the purposes described in this privacy notice, the following personal data may be processed:

Personal Identification and Contact Information

a) Name, nationality, sex, date of birth, address, and occupation.

b) Denomination of company, company name, and commercial name.

c) Unique Population Registry Code, Proof of Registration to the Federal Taxpayer Registry. (Mexico)

d) Your email, website, and Facebook and/or Twitter login ID.

e) Mobile and/or fixed telephone number (home and/or office).

f) Official documents that accredit your degree of studies, certificates,

g) Official documents that prove your identity and the information you declare, as well as your voter ID, passport, professional license, and/or driver’s license.

h) Resumé (CV).

Sensitive Personal Data

a) Blood type.

b) Allergies

c) Diseases or conditions

Patrimonial Information

a) Financial data of the “Title Holder”, such as bank account number, credit card number, debit card, financial institution, expiration date, security code and their corresponding address (es), bank account number (s), interbank electronic funds transfer key (s) and, if applicable, any credits.

On the Case of Legal Persons

a) Official documents that prove their identity such as their Charter and Bylaws, its amendments, powers granted, employer registration number, and Proof of Registry to the Federal Taxpayers Registry.

SABORES MÉXICO FOOD TOURS and/or RODRIGO JOEL LÓPEZ ALDANA collects and uses your personal data for the fulfillment of the following primary and necessary purposes:

a) Confirm your identity.

b) Guarantee the security and legal certainty of the commissions celebrated with us as it is the provision of services through the tours that we offer, bookings, cancelations and refunds.

c) Comply with the legal requirements that are applicable to it.

d) Insurance coverage

e) Verify the information you provide us.

f) Let you know of our promotions and offers regarding services.

g) Preparation of your file as a participant of our tours.

h) Development of market analysis and marketing strategies

i) Design of new projects.

j) The logistics of physical access to the facilities of SABORES MÉXICO FOOD TOURS and/or RODRIGO JOEL LÓPEZ ALDANA.

k) Training provision.

l) Administration of performance tools and personal and professional development.

Secondary Uses of Your Personal Data

SABORES MÉXICO FOOD TOURS and/or RODRIGO JOEL LÓPEZ ALDANA will only use your personal data for secondary purposes such as those related to the improvement and promotion of our services. Also, your personal image (be it photo, video, etc.) can be used in the elaboration of informative and promotional material.

With whom do we share your information and for what purposes?

SABORES MÉXICO FOOD TOURS and/or RODRIGO JOEL LÓPEZ ALDANA staff will only process your personal data in order to elaborate the private legal instruments to guarantee the provision of services, the sale of products, and the commercial relationship with third parties that derive from the commercial activity of SABORES MÉXICO FOOD TOURS and/or RODRIGO JOEL LÓPEZ ALDANA. However, for the latter, your personal data is not transferred to any third party.

You can limit the use and disclosure of your personal information through the following means that we have implemented:

a) Personally presenting your request at our address, addressed to Verónica Bernal Vega, Managing Personal Data officer.

b) Sending an electronic mail to the following electronic address: [email protected]

c) By phone: +52 55 53509565

ARCO rights and/or revocation of consent.

You or your legal representative may exercise any of the rights of access, rectification, cancellation, or opposition (hereinafter “Arco rights”), as well as revoke your consent for the processing of your personal data by sending an email to the person in charge of handling the data personal information of

SABORES MÉXICO FOOD TOURS and/or RODRIGO JOEL LÓPEZ ALDANA, to the electronic address [email protected]. You can also find out about the procedures, requirements, and deadlines for the exercise of your ARCO Rights and/or the revocation of your consent on our website and/or

SABORES MEXICO FOOD TOURS and/or RODRIGO JOEL LÓPEZ ALDANA, advises you to update your personal information every time there is a change in it as this will allow us to provide you with a better service.

Changes to the Privacy Notice

SABORES MEXICO FOOD TOURS and/or RODRIGO JOEL LÓPEZ ALDANA will notify you of any change of your privacy status through our website and/or

We reserve the right to make modifications or updates to this privacy notice at any time, considering the passing of new legislation or jurisprudence, internal policies, new requirements to grant the provision of our services, as well as, the provision of any new information to you related to this notice.

These modifications will be available publicly through the following means:

a) A visible print in our company’s facilities;

b) On our website

c) An electronic mail sent to you to the last email you have given us.

Likewise, we have copies of this privacy notice at our facilities for your entire disposal.

Privacy Notice updates

Last revision: June 2023.

If you have any questions about this privacy notice, you can address them to: [email protected] or by phone at +52 55 53509565.