Soulful Traditions: Mexico City Dia de los Muertos Tour

Culinary Experience
Culinary Experience

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Experience Dia de los Muertos - Day of the Dead Tour in Mexico City

Join us for a heartfelt celebration on our Dia de los Muertos tour honoring departed loved ones, blending tradition, food, and drink. We pay tribute to those who were significant in our lives and have since passed away. Indulge in exquisite Mexican cuisine crafted with local ingredients and the unique flair of our chefs and traditional culinary artisans.

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Explore Ancient Mexican Traditions with a Private Guide in Mexico City

The Day of the Dead is a vibrant commemoration of life infused with symbolic rituals, music, and a kaleidoscope of colors, all rooted in ancient traditions that define Mexico’s Day of the Dead. Explore the profound significance of this occasion through each dish and the accompanying tales that will escort you on a memorable passage through Mictlán, the mythical realm of the dead.

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Day of the Dead Tour Includes

  • Welcome to the souls - Purifier Cocktail
  • 1st course - Archaic Mexican Food
  • 2nd course - Mexican Traditional Food
  • 3rd course - Mexican Colonial Food
  • 4th course - Mexican Popular Food
  • 5th course - Mexican Home Style Food
  • 6th course - Mexican Regional Food Inspiration


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What to Bring

  • A photo of their beloved dead one

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