Are There Any Michelin Star Restaurants in Mexico?

The Michelin Guide, created by the French tire company Michelin, has been helping foodies find great places to eat since 1900. Originally, the guide was a clever incentive to get people out driving more and inevitably wearing down their tires. However, over time, the Guide became a trusted source for finding top-notch restaurants.

In 2024, the Michelin Guide made its debut in Mexico. Inspectors traveled to five states — Baja California, Baja California Sur, Nuevo León, Oaxaca, and Quintana Roo — as well as Mexico City. They awarded sixteen restaurants with one Michelin star and two restaurants, Pujol and Quintonil, with two stars. Interestingly, a taco stand, Taquería El Califa de León, was among those recognized (more on this particular spot later! — it relates directly to our popular Taco Tour in Mexico City).

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A dish from Puyol, who just received two Michelin stars (Image source)

How the Michelin Guide Works

Michelin inspectors each have at least ten years of experience of reviewing websites and they carry out their work anonymously. They visit each restaurant in contention multiple times, evaluating them on five criteria: the quality of products, the mastery of flavor and cooking techniques, the personality of the chef in the dining experience, value for money, and consistency between visits.

Restaurants can earn one, two, or three stars. One star means “high-quality cooking, worth a stop,” two stars signify “excellent cooking, worth a detour,” and three stars denote “exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey.” These stars are not permanent; restaurants are regularly re-evaluated and can lose stars if they don’t maintain their standards.

Although the meanings of the star rankings have retained an old-fashioned charm, don’t let the folksy language of “worth a stop” and “worth a detour” fool you — there’s simply no award in international cooking more prized than the Michelin star; earning Michelin stars has made the careers of countless well-known chefs. 

Now, let’s take a look at Mexico’s winning chefs and restaurants, and we’ll pay particular attention to one Mexico City recipient who has been featured on our Mexico City Food Tours for several years!

Source: Animalón

Michelin Star Winners in Baja California

Four exceptional restaurants in the region of Baja California were awarded a single Michelin star each: Animalón, Conchas de Piedra, Damiana, and Cocina de Autor Los Cabos.

Animalón is based in the picturesque landscape of Valle de Guadalupe. Dedicated to sustainability and championing local Mexican produce, Animalón is well known for its first-class selection of Baja wines.

Meanwhile, Conchas de Piedra specializes in seafood, serving up shellfish, ceviches, and hot dishes like roasted abalone that you won’t forget in a hurry!

Damiana will appeal to foodies who enjoy rich, hearty flavors. Classic dishes from head chef Esteban Lluis include crispy duck, duck confit, and a mouthwatering crème brûlée.

Our final Baja California winner is Cocina de Autor Los Cabos. This Los Cabos establishment promises a complete sensorial journey, from the classy ambiance and complex, refreshing cocktails to the dishes built around the extraordinary produce of this part of Mexico.


Michelin Star Winners in Mexico City

Mexico’s capital city won no less than nine Michelin stars on the guide’s first year in the country! The following restaurants each won a single star: El Califa de León, Esquina Común, Em, Sud 777, and Rosetta. While Quintonil and Pujol each earned two stars!

At Sabores Mexico Food Tours we were particularly delighted to see the team at El Califa de León earn a star. We have been visiting this taco stand for many years on our Tacos and Mezcal Tour and know that they absolutely deserve the added attention the award has earned them. Although Mexico City has nearly 11,000 registered taco shops, El Califa de León was the only seller of traditional Mexican street food to earn a star in 2024. On our tour, guests can enjoy the luxury of skipping the hours-long queue and be even closer to tasting these award winning tacos!

The double-star winners, Pujol and Quintonil, need little introduction. These fine-dining establishments have been renowned for their innovative cooking for a long time. The best of Mexico City is represented here — it’s where tradition meets creativity and freedom of expression.

Sud 777 is located in the heart of the Pedregal neighborhood. Head chef Edgar Núñez’s fantastic vegetable dishes have put the restaurant on Latin America’s’ 50 Best Restaurants list for the past four years, so it was no surprise to see them earn a star.

Found on a covered rooftop, Esquina Común serves a tasting menu for two, making this the ideal place for a couple of friends or a romantic couple to share some world-class food (that’s if you can get a reservation!).

Restaurante Rosetta is based in one of our favorite CDMX neighborhoods, Colonia Roma. Inspired by their love of native Mexican ingredients, Rosetta’s creative, colorful menu changes with the seasons. If you would like to explore the Colonia Roma area in the company of expert local guides, book a place on our Colonia Roma Food Tour.

Finally, Em is another deserving winner. This cozy restaurant also guarantees a menu that is ever-changing, and always lovingly celebrating Mexican ingredients that are in season. We particularly recommend their seafood dishes and the delightful sweet creations that make up their dessert menu.

Michelin Star Winners in Nuevo León, Oaxaca, and Quintana Roo

Our final three Mexican regions are now home to a total of seven Michelin-starred restaurants. In Nuevo León, Pangea and Koli Cocina de Origen were given stars. The winners in the culinary wonderland of Oaxaca were Los Danzantes Oaxaca and Levadura de Olla Restaurante. And in Quintana Roo, Cocina de Autor Riviera Maya, Ha’, and Le Chique earned their stars.

If you are traveling in Nuevo León, visits to Pangea and Koli Cocina de Origen should be part of your itinerary. Both restaurants are all about offering a diversity of taste sensations. Pangea’s menu features intriguing French and Asian influences, while Koli Cocina de Origen’s tasting menus take diners on a gourmet odyssey.

Source: Los Danzantes Oaxaca

In Oaxaca, the foodie adventures continue. This region is one of the most historically important in Mexico, and we won’t be surprised if the region earns even more stars next year. Visit Los Danzantes Oaxaca or Levadura de Olla Restaurante to sample exciting modern dishes rooted in ancient traditions — both restaurants offer dishes prepared using ancient techniques and, of course, celebrate the ingredients that have been central to life here for many centuries.

In Quintana Roo, head to Cocina de Autor for unusual flavor combinations and dishes that promise complex textures — this is the sophisticated dining we so often associate with the Michelin Guide.

Ha’, meanwhile, is the perfect place to visit if you’re passionate about wine. Mexican wine culture has been going from strength to strength in recent years and a visit to Ha’ will give you a fabulous introduction to a wine culture really announcing itself on the international stage.

Finally, Le Chique in Puerto Morelos offers a tasting menu that brings together specialties from all over Mexico — your very own foodie tour of Mexico in one evening! And, believe us, the dishes are as pleasing to the eye as they are on the tastebuds — this is creative, passionate dining at its finest.

Well, this brings are whirlwind exploration of Mexico’s recently crowned Michelin-starred restaurants to an end. if you are traveling in Mexico City, be sure to join us on a CDMX Food Tour — our expert guides help you see the city through the eyes of a local.

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