Are There Any Michelin Star Restaurants in Mexico?

The Michelin Guide is a fantastic resource for some of the best cuisine around the world. The only problem is that it hasn’t explored the whole world (yet!). The famous Michelin Gastronomic Guide has yet to assess Central and South American restaurants for inclusion on their list. However, we’re pleased to report that 2023 will mark the guide’s first appearance in Mexico! Yes, from next year the preeminent guide to gastronomy will be exploring the exciting world of Mexican food – we can’t wait.  

But just because Mexico has yet to be written about on the illustrious pages of the Michelin guide doesn’t mean the country hasn’t been serving platefuls of Michelin-worthy food year after year. In fact, Mexican cuisine has long been held as one of the world’s best, the country even being awarded by UNESCO for its culinary diversity. If you are a foodie then Mexico should be at the top of your list of countries to explore!

Beyond Mexico!

You may not have visited Mexico yet, but it’s a safe bet that you’ve tried Mexican food. This is because Mexico’s gastronomic reach is vast! In every city, you are bound to find a restaurant that purports to sell a real Mexican experience. And whilst Michelin may not have touched Mexico herself, Michelin has been touched by Mexican cuisine. 

There are several restaurants in the Michelin guide that offer a Mexican menu and 5 Mexican chefs have been awarded Michelin stars. Whilst they work in other countries, they are spreading the joy of the food from their homeland. 

Beyond Michelin!

The Michelin guide is a wonderful marker of excellence, but it is not the only marker. The World’s Best 50 (also known as the Oscars of the food world!) has recognised Mexico City’s Pujol in its global top 10, and Latin America’s best consistently. The restaurant is well known for its innovative dishes, and its tasting menu changes with the seasons, ensuring that every dish is made with the freshest local ingredients. 

Additionally, the Taste Atlas has chosen the cochinita pibil from Mexico City’s Taqueria El Turix, as the best traditional dish in the world, and rates Mexico City as the best food city in the world. Several restaurants, such as Cafe de Tacuba and Hosteria de Santo Domingo, are listed as must-visit destinations. 

This recognition demonstrates why Mexico City is a Mecca for food lovers as its chefs combine tradition and innovation, looking backwards and striving forwards with every dish they serve. 

Where to Start?

At Sabores Mexico Food Tours we take food very seriously. We believe the food experience goes beyond just flavour. Food is a gateway to understanding a culture. 

It is through the sharing of food that people come to know each other and it is through food that we can learn about a place: its history, its geography, and the things that are precious to and about it. This is why we offer various tours that focus on different sides of Mexico City. 

We want you to experience the city’s different faces and get a real sense of the people that make our city great! 

One of the best ways to begin is in the past. For this, we recommend you try the Mexico City Food Tour in the Historic Centre. On this tour you’ll be taken on a gastronomic journey through time, beginning with traditional pre-Hispanic dishes and moving forwards to modern twists on authentic Mexican flavours. 

As your taste-buds travel through time, you can enjoy the atmosphere and listen to the stories and history that have made Mexico City the magical place it is! 

Once you’ve gotten to grips with Mexico City’s culinary past it makes sense to explore its extraordinary contemporary food scene, the heart of which is in Colonia Roma

This beautiful neighbourhood is where the pulse of Mexico City’s food scene is taken. The area is vibrant and beautiful so your eyes will have as much to feast on as your mouths!

And for the night owls amongst you, we offer a fantastic evening Taco Tour with Beer and Mezcal! On this tour, you can enjoy exploring different neighbourhoods, each with its own special atmosphere, and you’ll learn that the taco is not as humble as it looks! 

About Those Michelin Stars!

Mexico may not have any Michelin starred restaurants yet, but it is full of stellar eating experiences, and Mexico City is a city that loves its food. 

Mexico City focuses on the produce available and it honours its past whilst it plays with flavour to create food for now and for the future. Mexico is a must-visit culinary destination! 

So, hopefully, we have whet your appetite! If any of our tours have piqued your interest, or if you have any questions, please get in touch.

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