How Vegan-Friendly is Mexico City?

As a company offering a diverse range of Food Tours in Mexico City, it shouldn’t surprise you to hear us say that Mexico City’s culinary scene is second to none. 

From hip craft beer bars and third-wave coffee shops to innovative restaurants pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved in the kitchen, Mexico city has it all! Remember, Mexico’s food traditions are so rich and ancient that UNESCO recognized Mexican food as a cultural treasure. 

So, how’s the vegan scene in Mexico City? It’s booming! Like almost everywhere else, veganism has been a hot topic in recent years in Mexico City, and an array of first-class vegan eateries have sprung up. Yes, the days of people on a plant-based diet being stuck for choice are well and truly over. Our favorite new places to eat are part of the vegan scene. 

Today, we’ll highlight some of the best places to eat vegan food in Mexico City, from street food stands to sit-down restaurants and grocery stores where you can get ingredients for cooking veggie meals at home.

Your Customized Vegan Food Tour of Mexico City

And if you’re in Mexico City and wish to explore the food scene in the company of an expert local guide, consider joining one of our Mexico City Food Tours, almost all of which can be customized for vegetarians and vegans. 

Our Colonia Roma tour stops at the best vegan spot in town for tacos and unique takes on tortillas.  

Animal Products in Mexican Food

While many Mexican dishes are meat-heavy, Mexican food is diverse enough to offer plenty of traditional meat-free options. 

Our only word of advice? Check how your food is being cooked, as many Mexican chefs will use lard, and watch out for cheeses and creams, ingredients ubiquitous in Mexican cooking. 

When exploring the vegan scene, we recommend you head to Coyoacan, La Roma, or La Condesa neighborhoods – these are hip, youthful areas where you won’t have trouble finding veggie options. 

Where to Eat Vegan in Mexico City

  • VEGuerrero, Colonia Buenavista

VEGuerrero is a good choice if you have good weather and are in the mood for takeout. Creative, vegan takes on classic Mexican flavor combinations and consistently wonderful veggie tacos.

A daily special on the menu means VEGuerrero is suitable for repeat visits – there’s always something new to try. 

  • Viko, La Condesa

Located in the La Condesa neighborhood, the Japanese-inspired dishes at Viko are well worth trying. This taquería serves a fusion of Japanese and Mexican food, and we can’t get enough of it! A unique menu that you won’t forget in a hurry. 

  • Por Siempre Vegana Taquería, Roma Norte

Over in Roma Norte, Por Siempre Vegana Taquería has served up matchless vegan dishes for some time. This establishment has built a loyal following over the years, and it’s no surprise why: the food is never anything but tasty. Their al pastor tacos are good enough to rival any meat-based version. 

  • Punto Gozadera, La Roma

Back over in La Roma, head to Punto Gozadera for the evening. This alternative bar welcomes a diverse crowd and is sure to please vegans who enjoy being part of the plant-based social scene. The bar regularly hosts live music. 

  • Pali Pali del Valle

Another vegan spot offering Mexican classics, this is indulgent fast food done vegan-style. Pali Pali del Valle’s vegan cheeses are particularly impressive, tasting just like the real thing. And the super helpful staff are always ready to customize your order.

  • Gatorta, Roma Norte

Finally, in Roma Norte, we recommend the food stand Gatorta. Specializing in tortas (Mexican sandwiches), this is an ideal choice for those on the go. Gatorta has been popular with locals since 2015. Just be warned, their food is terribly moreish!

Where to Shop for Vegan Ingredients in Mexico City

  • Vegan Ville

Located in Lázaro Cárdenas in the center of Mexico City, Vegan Ville stocks all your vegan essentials. From mock meats and vegan cheeses to an array of health foods, fill a basket in Vegan Ville, and you’ll have no trouble getting creative in the kitchen. 

The friendly staff will happily offer recommendations if you fancy trying something new. 

  • Mr. Tofu

This is an excellent vegan supermarket for finding new and unusual things. Mr. Tofu stocks various vegan products, and their regular promotions keep prices competitive. Every vegan in Mexico City should familiarize themselves with Mr. Tofu. 

This brings an end to our overview of vegan life in Mexico City. 

If you’re in town and fancy exploring Mexican cuisine in the company of local foodies, give our Mexico City Food Tours a go.

Almost all our tours can be customized as vegetarian or vegan, simply get in touch before booking. 

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