The Saborista Culinary Experiences

In Sabores México Food Tours we are aware that team building is an important tool to achieve changes in a working group and have short, medium, and long-term benefits inside a company. In our article Gastronomic experiences: your best team building choice we tell you more about this practice, its importance, and the way it can benefit your organization if you choose one of our gastronomic experiences to carry on with it.

Eat with us!

Our gastronomic events are live, interactive, and can be online or on-site. In each activity we make sure that your working group leaves their usual routine, relaxes, communicates, and ties up through gastronomy. For this, we have diverse options so that each participant enjoys a great experience, and can follow up their growth through different tasks, which increases the motivation, cohesion, and collective transformation achieved by the team building approach.

Each one of our experiences is designed by gastronomic experts, who conduct them in a recreational, educational, and dedicated way alongside specialized hosts. During the activities, your working group members will develop new abilities, participate in interesting ventures that will help them exalt their senses of taste, smell, and sight, and engage in friendly competitions.


Discover chocolate, coffee, and craft beer tasting techniques and/or receive recommendations for pairing wine, tequila, and mezcal in these fun and relaxing tastings presented by gastronomy experts and a specialized host. Explore the flavors, aromas, and colors of unique Mexican products with exclusive characteristics and production processes.

The gustatory experience has an approximate duration of one hour and includes, alongside our hosts’ expertise, a box for each participant containing the necessary elements for their personalized tasting.


Step in with experienced chefs and cook very special Mexican and international recipes like crispy pumpkin flowers with curd and/or traditional black bean tlacoyos. In these interactive classes, a professional chef will invite participants into the kitchen, sharing knowledge and advice while everyone prepares two seasonal dishes, achieving an attractive environment that fosters trust and team spirit.

Alongside the chef’s lessons and guidance, this culinary experience includes a box for each participant with all the recipes’ ingredients and quality spices, so everyone gives their best and tests their culinary abilities during 90 minutes.


Prepare a delicious Dry Martini, a fresh Hemingway Daiquiri or a classic Moscow Mule alongside the best mixologists. This experience is guided by an expert bartender and a gastronomic host, who will teach participants mixology and flavor balance abilities that will allow them to create two or three exquisite classic cocktails and/or design one of their own.

The experience can last 40 to 60 minutes approximately, time enough for each group member to learn how to make 3 delicious cocktails. Don’t worry if not everyone has the necessary mixology equipment for the class, because each participant will receive a box that includes the spirits or liquors, the syrups, bitters and high-quality garnitures they need to create their drinks.

Are you up for the corporate saborista experience?

Now that you know more about our gastronomic corporate experiences, it’s your job to choose the one that best fits your company’s needs. In the last section of our saborista team building article we offer some advice on how to select the activities that are more suitable for you, and we also include some recommendations so that the final results from each experience transcend and become beneficious and productive for your company.

Remember all Chefinars, Mixology sessions and Tastings are customizable, which will make your working group live a luxurious experience. In the online mode, we have national shipping only. If you live outside Mexico, we can advise you on the necessary products to purchase.

For more information, you can contact us here, e-mail us at [email protected],  call us at +52 55 5350 9565 or our social media @saboresmexicoft.