#ComeLocal: #EatLocal How To Support Small Mexican Food Producers During Quarantine

#ComeLocal is a project where we take the best of Mexican gastronomy to your door. In the middle of this stressful situation we’re living, we have united forces with local restaurants, stores, and food suppliers in order to create initiatives that support small Mexican businesses and encourage people to buy local food.

We offer two types of boxes that you can buy and which will be delivered to your address in Mexico City. Each box contains a selection of Mexican food products that will vary each week, in order to compliment your pantry with an amazing collection of Mexican flavors to enjoy during the Co-vid confinement. Hereafter, we share some facts about the two gastronomic boxes we have available so you identify the products they contain and you get to know their origin.

Sabores de Barrio 

The first takeaway option is the “Sabores de barrio” (the block’s flavors) box. It contains a variety of quality and great flavored Mexican products and dishes. For the first week, for example, flavors include artisanal Mexican wine, beer, coffee, tortillas, tamales, jams, and chocolate.

Wines from Tinto MX are produced with crops from the Santo Tomás Valley in Ensenada, Baja California. With labels like Medio Cielo Azul, Eva, and Narcissus, this producer looks forward into positioning Mexican wine worldwide, demonstrating that wine is not an exclusive drink and showing that it can be matched with many dishes. On another note, the tortillas from Cintli Tortillería are unique not only because of the superfood tortilla versions available (hemp, kale or quinoa tortillas). These tortillas are produced with creole maïze harvested in Mexico and use nixtamalización, traditional Mesoamerican technique to be prepared. 

In Oscuro Puro, chocolate is much more than a craving or a compliment for food. The variety of chocolate bars, desserts, and drinks they produce and sell are made from scratch with native cacao from Tabasco and Chiapas. These products have no artificial flavors or chemicals and they truly conserve the authentic flavor of Mexican cacao

Besides their excellent roasted coffee beans, Café Barajas is well known for its versatile and energizing Cold Brew, which implies an eighteen-hour extraction process that involves high caffeine concentrations and procures a drink that can be combined with many flavors.

Prepared food from La Pitahaya Vegana is inspired in Mexican cooking but characterized for giving it a twist. Their dishes promote a sustainable lifestyle and always use local seasonal ingredients with trustworthy origins. In addition, people from La Pitahaya are always in search for new techniques and flavors to share the best of Mexican food in their own style.

Rather than specialized in coffee, Café de Raíz is the place for tamales. Here, the classic rolled maïze paste dishes from Veracruz like the rice and cheese tamal, the mushroom tamal or the cheese and hoja santa tamal are perfectly well executed with quality and flavored ingredients. On the other side, artisanal beers from Cervezas Artesanales Cinco Soles represent a Mexican legend via five types of fermented beers with unique flavors, aromas, and sensations.

Last but not least, Rebelión defines itself as a “collection of sensory expressions around the genuine national drink, mezcal”. With Espadín and Bicuishe, original mezcales from Oaxaca, Michoacán, and Estado de México, Rebelión seeks disseminating the cultural legacy of this drink and highlighting the flavors that can be obtained with a distillation.

Mercado en Casa

If you want quality, fresh, and exoticly flavored every-day eating items, the second box “Mercado en casa” (market at home) is for you. This box includes a variety of Mexican ingredients coming from some of the best producers and distributors in the famous San Juan Market. For the first week flavors, Mercado en Casa include a sample of Mexican raw exotic meat, some cheeses, deli meats and artisanal jams.

El Gran Cazador is a familiar enterprise dedicated to meat distribution. They are highly known in the market for their Mexican, exotic, and pre hispanic products. Their catalog includes the classic chicken, duck, beef, and lamb meat, but one can also find unusual ones like crocodile, boar, and ostrich meat. On the other hand, salsas and jams from Manuel are really popular inside the San Juan Market. These prepared food items are the result of his experiments and combine Mexican flavors in original and innovative ways.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables from Rosse Gourmet are meticulously selectioned and their freshness is more than evident, which makes them perfect for any Mexican dish you’re willing to cook at home. Besides that, La Jersey Gourmet is one of the best imported cheeses and deli meat distributors in the San Juan Market not only because their variety of lactic products on sale, but because of its incomparable quality. Finally, the dried nuts, mole, and chili from Malena are an example of the unique flavors and textures that compose Mexican gastronomy and that are, undoubtedly, worth the try.

Now that you know more about the producers, restaurants, and local stores that take part in this project, dare to try the best gourmet flavors, fresh products, and exotic delights Sabores México Food Tours has chosen for you. Don’t forget to follow us on our social media to stay tuned and be the first to know what’s going on. Remember, #ComeLocal and support small food businesses, because in Mexico nobody surrenders to problems. 

Article by: María José Ordóñez Platas