3 Main Ingredients Used in Mexican Cooking

Both, mexican traditional preparations and contemporary mexican dishes can be noticed by the way they mix flavors and textures, creating astonishing dishes that are very difficult to replicate if the techniques are not mastered and the right ingredients are not available. Our cuisine represents social uses, cultural expression and human links from our culture. It is also a way to understand its reality and ordinariness through the taste.

Mexico is the mother of some of the best ingredients in the world and there is a wide existing diversity of products that allows every region to have its own particular culinary richness. As it was affirmed by the famous novohispanic writer, Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, when she said she lived in the “rich America”[…] where the daily sustenance is almost gifted, so nowhere else Mother Earth is that flaunted”.

Speaking about gastronomy in our country is also telling diversity, history, and tradition, as well as identifying the endemic products of Mexico which are so iconic; such as corn, chili, and chocolate.

Corn (maize)

Popol Vuh, which is the sacred book of the Mayas, says that men were made of corn. pre-Hispanic communities started the domestication and growth of this plant, achieving the current existence of 59 varieties of native maize in Mexico. This ingredient has been the food base for our country since the memory can tell. Its diversity, versatility and nutritional properties had made it the protagonist of an infinity of Mexican dishes that highlight its flavor in different forms that cannot be missed. Some examples are tamales, pozole, quesadillas, chilaquiles and naturally; tacos.



In Mexican cuisine, the use of chili is a must, it is an ingredient that gives the dishes a very distinctive flavor and challenges the taste of the brave. Apart from being an important and precious tribute during the pre-Hispanic era, chili is a necessary element to add flavor and unique features to traditional preparations. Whether fresh, chopped, dry or cooked, it is an omnipresent fruit in the gastronomy of Mexico and cannot be put appart. Some of the most popular kinds of chili are poblano, habanero, jalapeño, pasilla, morita and chipotle. We really recommend you to try some of them within the different sauces that you will find in street food stands and that you could have along with a meal.

Mexican chiles


Native cocoa, which is the mother cob of the seed, once processed it becomes chocolate and it is an endemic product of Mexico. Nowadays, it’s grown in the states of Tabasco, Chiapas, and Guerrero. Its history dates back to the pre-Hispanic era when it was utilized as money coin patronizing the Mexica commerce. It was also the main ingredient of the beverage of the gods, xocolatl. An antique náhuatl chant said: ”Heart is satisfied and rejoiced when cocoa is drunk”. So you can easily prove it when trying some delight containing such flavor. In the next article, we will recommend some of the best places to have chocolates in Mexico City.

Mexican Chocolate

Now you know a bit more about the best flavors in the world. So, if you have decided to celebrate the National Day of Mexican Food in advance, you’re looking for the best combination of our iconic ingredients or just want to live an unforgettable experience of gastronomic culture, you can be sure that some of our walking food tours in the most cultural parts of the cities will help you achieve it. Remember to follow Sabores Mexico Food Tours on social media and get to know the next posts.