4 Reasons Why We Love Traditional Mexican Food

Mexican gastronomic culture and flavor are two of the most prideful things for the natives of our country. We really love showing off and tasting our tacos, tortas, tostadas, tamales, and tlayudas that we even came out with the invention of vitamin “T”, to avoid the feeling of starvation to death like whenever there is a Mexican plate within the menu. Whether a foreigner or just willing to remember the magic inside the authentic Mexican dishes, we share a little about our food and you may discover something you had never known before.

  1. Mexican cuisine is complex and unique.  The fact that is the result of methods of fusion between Spanish flavors and prehispanic ingredients and colors makes every dish a masterpiece, that hides very special and traditional processes. it is not for nothing that only the most experienced chefs manage to master the traditional techniques and adding, sometimes, their very personal touch for creating exquisite dishes.
  2. Far beyond the meals rich in “vitamin T”, there is a huge amount of traditional and “Mexican flavored” dishes, therefore, it would be pointless to mention all. From some tacos de canasta prepared in a corner, up to a colorful Chile en Nogada (walnut sauce), served in the fanciest table, our dishes represent the details of every Mexican region, showing the wide diversity of ingredients, techniques, flavors, and colors.Mexican food traditional preparations
  3. Traditional Mexican cuisine has been considered a Cultural World Heritage since 2010. Its importance was declared by the UNESCO and states that the set of preparations, dietary habits, agricultural rituals, technical skills, the knowledge of nature and social uses around Mexican gastronomy are unique in the world.
  4. As human beings, we are able to differentiate flavors by using our taste buds. Every time we listen to the main five. However, the sixth one has been recently discovered and is well known as umami; from Japanese and means delicious. This is a flavor that everyone notices in its own way and it is impossible not to find it as a protagonist within the authentically Mexican dishes, which mixture of flavors is unique.

Now you know that an amazing way to understand Mexico is through its cuisine, that’s why we invite you to know how life is in Mexico City through your palate and witness the best culinary preparations by experiencing the best gastronomic tours by Sabores Mexico food tours.