4 Reasons Why We Love Traditional Mexican Food

Mexican gastronomic culture and our indigenous flavors are two of the things we’re most proud of in Mexico. 

We love eating, sharing, and lovingly preparing our tacos, tortas, tostadas, tamales, and tlayudas – we even coined the term Vitamin T to capture our need for these irresistible, quintessentially Mexican dishes. 

Whether you’re new to Mexican food and looking for an introduction, or you’ve tasted its brilliance before but are in need of a reminder, we’ve prepared a little overview of why we love traditional Mexican food.

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1. Mexican Cuisine Fuses Many Styles and Traditions

This is the glorious result of Mexico’s fusion of Spanish flavors and prehispanic ingredients! Every classic dish is colorful, a feast for the eyes and the stomach. Each dish combines fresh, seasonal ingredients with age-old techniques for preparation. 

It is not for nothing that only the most experienced chefs manage to master the traditional techniques! We also must add into the mix the diversity of Mexico’s regions. Travel the country, and you’ll find countless varieties of classic recipes inspired by the ingredients native to the region and the cultures that have traditionally inhabited the lands.

However, one should not assume that Mexican food is a museum piece, something frozen in time. Our national cuisine manages to be innovative and traditional at the same time, and young cooks are constantly pushing the boundaries.

This means the traditional never gets old!

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2.  The Number of Mexican Dishes is Endless

Far beyond the meals rich in Vitamin T (tamales, tacos, tortas, all that fantastic stuff!), there are many other traditional and Mexican-inspired dishes. Therefore, it would be futile to try and mention them all.

From some tacos de canasta prepared on the corner at a food stall up to a colorful Chile en Nogada (walnut sauce) served in the fanciest restaurant, our dishes champion the strengths of every Mexican region, showcasing their vast diversity of ingredients, techniques, flavors, and colors.

a person holding a plate of food on a table

3. Mexico’s Food is a UNESCO Cultural Treasure

Traditional Mexican cuisine has been considered a UNESCO Cultural World Heritage since 2010. Its importance was recognized due to the preparations, agricultural rituals, technical skills, and social uses of food in Mexican culture being unique worldwide.

To read more about this recognition from UNESCO, you can read chef Margarita Carrillo Arronte on Why Mexican Cuisine Is a UNESCO Treasure.

4. Mexican Food Engages Your Fifth Tasting Sense

As human beings, we can differentiate flavors by using our taste buds. Generally, our receptors respond to four primary taste sensations (sweet, sour, salty, bitter). 

However, the fifth one has been recently discovered and is known as umami (from the Japanese, meaning “a pleasant savory taste.”) 

This is a flavor that everyone notices in their own way, but it is impossible not to recognize it in an array of traditional Mexican dishes. The prominence of this taste sensation, so often absent from other national cuisines, is perhaps why so many visitors fall in love with Mexican cooking and rank it among their favorites. 

Now you know that a fantastic way to understand Mexico is through its cuisine! This is what motivated us to start Sabores food tours in the first place. We wanted to celebrate all the beautiful things about our national cuisine, from the traditional recipes to the men and women who grow the produce and the cooks in the kitchen.

We also wanted to champion Mexico City itself! There’s nowhere in Mexico where the diversity of the nation’s food shines brighter than in the capital! 

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