Best Mexico City Craft Breweries You Can Visit

Beer is a drink that you can find the world over. Every country has its brand, and Mexico is no different. When you think of Mexican beer, the first names that might spring to mind are Corona, Tecate, or Pacifico. Craft beer might not spring to mind.

But here is where you would be wrong, as Mexico has a thriving brewing industry, and here in Mexico City, there are a lot of exciting places for craft beer lovers to visit! So combine your love of beer with exploring the vibrant Mexico City, and find out what local gems we offer.

Continue reading below to learn about some of the coolest craft beer spots in Mexico City. And if you’re in town and want to take a deep dive into Mexican food culture, consider joining us on one of our Mexico City Food Tours – delicious food, history and culture, and good company!

La Roma Brewing

La Roma Brewing’s brewpub has quickly become one of the hottest spots in the city for sampling the best draft and bottled craft beers. At La Roma Brewing, you’ll find around 20 tasty beers on tap and an array of exciting choices in the fridge. Their menu is also packed with tasty small plates, making this the ideal joint to sit and catch up with friends.

Should you find yourself craving even more variety, you can walk around the corner to La Belga, a store that offers loads of varieties of domestic beer – every hophead’s dream store!

Metropolitana – Cervecera

This is a microbrewery famed for its creative flavors. Not only can you come here to enjoy a great atmosphere and taste the local beer, but you can also come here for their beer workshops.

They take their beer seriously and can teach you exactly what goes into making one of their intriguing brews. La Graciela is a must for anyone interested in the art of making beer.

Casa Cervecera Morenos

The team behind the Morenos beers doesn’t have a full-scale brewery on its hands but rather shares brewing spaces with some of the more established outfits in the city.

They take their time with their beers, releasing only one new beer a month, and that beer is featured at the magnificent Tasting Room beer bar. We recommend a visit. In fact, we recommend several, because this is brewing worth coming back for.

Principia Tasting Room

Principia Tasting Room is a brewpub that offers some of the loveliest beers in Mexico City. They have 12 of their own brews on tap, so it’s easy to explore what Principia is all about, and if their own beers aren’t enough for you, they also provide guest beers.

Pair their lip-smackingly good beers with their incredible food, and you are guaranteed a great night out.

Fiebre de Malta

Situated in an excellent location on Rio Lerma, Col. Cuauhtemoc, this trendy brew pub offers a selection of top-quality craft beers and tasty, casual eating.

Popular with locals and tourists alike, Fiebre de Malta stocks several international beers, making this the perfect place to try something you haven’t encountered before. Whether visiting during the daytime or evening, you’ll find Fiebre de Malta, a popular spot offering a convivial atmosphere.

Taco Tour Mexico City

And finally, it would be remiss not to mention our excellent Taco Tour in Mexico City! This is a nighttime exploration of the best taquerias, local beers, and iconic mezcals that Mexico City has to offer.

Our local guide will take you around the fascinating neighborhoods in the city, show you the beautiful night lights, nightlife, and most emblematic spots, and give you a chance to enjoy the true flavor of Mexico City.

So, beer lovers, get yourselves over here – Mexico City has a lot to offer you! And if you want to explore other fascinating aspects of Mexico City’s food culture, we recommend taking our Friends and Chocolate Tour in Mexico City – discover the wonders of Mexican chocolate.

If you have any questions or want to explore more of our tours then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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