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Atrás a Things To Do In Mexico City
Qué Hacer En Ciudad De México

Places That Deliver The Best of Mexico To Your Door

a plate of food with a fork

We are witnesses of something external to everything we have lived before. However, one of the best ways of surviving confinement is satisfying our gastronomic cravings. This said, we share five Mexican places with home delivery services that are fighting to keep going and not fall because of the uncertain situation we’re living worldwide.

Frutos Prohibidos

This restaurant is known for being completely Mexican, and all their dishes follow the “eat delicious, eat healthy, eat well” premise.  You’ll find delicious and diverse juices, smoothies, wraps, salads, and chilaquiles that represent the best of Mexican fresh ingredients in a healthy never-seen-before way. Here, each “sin”, “delight”, “temptation” or “virtue” will become an unforgettable food experience you can’t miss.


This initiative was created with the purpose of expanding the market for Mexican cheese in a way where producers are rightly paid and sustainable actions are taken at all times. In Lactography you’ll find fresh and curated cheeses from Guanajuato, semi-curated cheeses and curds manufactured in Queretaro, yogurt from Morelos, honey, beans, and coffee produced in Chiapas, tlacoyos and tortillas from Estado de México, and even artisanal beers from Mexico City.

Moloch cochinita pibil

This is a small restaurant located inside the Medellín Market, and it is well-known for their exquisite cochinita pibil. You can order this seasoned pork meat measured in kilograms, but they also have tacos, panuchos, tortas, and chamorros that go perfectly well with the habanero sauce and prepared red onions.

Churrería Porfirio

Churros from this churro place pick up Mexican eating traditions and conserve the authentic flavor of this sweet craving. You can order your churro with a filling, in the traditional way, or in a miniature version. However, they also offer buñuelos and carlotas, perfect to go with a hot coffee or a steaming chocolate with smoky and blackberry-ish aromas. All the churros are prepared freshly and with 100% wheat flour.

Bendita paleta

They’re the creators of the famous and popular squared ice pops, which are, by the way, positioned as the best in Mexico. Here, you can order a fresh fruit ice-pop, a delicious Italian gelato in a cone or prepared as a milkshake, an afogatto coffee with ice cream or even a floating sorbet. You should really try the dulce de leche, hibiscus, or mango, chili and passion fruit ice pops.



Now you have some sweet and savor options to satisfy your confinement craves. Besides, you should know that there’s a way to compliment your pantry and taste the best of Mexico with our weekly gastronomic boxes #ComeLocal. These boxes contain Mexican quality food products that come from artisanal restaurants, small shops, and local food producers.  We invite you to follow us on our social media to stay tuned and learn more about Mexican gastronomy through our blog, Sabores México Food Tours. Remember that we should not give up and we should help small enterprises as much as we can.


Featured Image: Frutos Prohibidos Instagram page