Café Barajas, Mexican Specialty Coffee Experts

How do you like your coffee? Don’t worry if you’re not sure, because we know this isn’t an easy question to answer given the deepness of the coffee universe. 

Coffee is an everyday drink, which is why we sometimes forget its importance in our social life. Have you ever stopped to think that the “let’s go for some coffee” phrase is a way of saying “let’s hang out”? How many conversations and moments have you experienced in front of a cup of coffee? A lot, probably, because we’re speaking of a social drink that links and reunites people, the way it usually happens at Francisco, José Luis, and Alejandro Barajas’s house. 

For these brothers, coffee has longtime been an important family link, as well as a passion that makes all of them crazy. After many years of trying coffees in different places in Mexico City, they ventured to start their own specialty coffee bar in the La Roma neighborhood. Since then, Café Barajas has been a place for them an others to begin the day, chill, and mostly, learn how to drink and enjoy good coffee.

Francisco G. Barajas assures that one should not see this drink as a “simple black, bitter coffee cup, because there are many ways to drink coffee”. When speaking of good coffee, there is no cup that’s exactly like another one or a person that enjoys it precisely the same way as somebody else. 

Despite being a coffee-producing country, most Mexicans consume processed, low-quality coffees, which involve unjust exploitation of fields and a bad comprehension of its essence as a drink. This is why Café Barajas works with coffee beans cultivated in Veracruz, Oaxaca, Chiapas, Nayarit, Hidalgo, and Puebla. Plus, when any of the three brothers travel, they usually bring different coffee beans to change and make some variations on the menu. 

For the Barajas brothers, it’s essential to look after each of the value chain phases in their coffee bar. This way, they can assure fair trade practices that allow them to prepare interesting, different, and unique coffee cups. 

Another of this coffee bar’s strengths involves their coffee extraction methods. Whether you prefer Turkish coffee, Japanese siphon, French press, or Italian cappuccino, Café Barajas is a place for all tastes. Order whatever you want, Sam Pimentel, the barista, will be pleased to prepare it at all times. 

Don’t miss the chance of tasting the delicious coffee bean from Barajas or their famous Cold Brew, a soft, revitalizing, and high-caffeinated drink that takes 24 hours to be ready. Find these products in our gourmet #ComeLocal boxes and experiment with the flavor and aroma of authentic Mexican coffee. Don’t forget to follow us on our social media, Sabores México Food Tours, and stay tuned on our blog. You’ll get to know other small businesses we collaborate with and learn more about the interesting food producers that make #ComeLocal possible.


Article by: María José Ordóñez Platas