Oscuro Puro and Cachito Mío: Designer Chocolate, Tarts, and Quiches

Anyone who doesn’t believe love enters through the eyes has probably never been to Oscuro Puro or Cachito Mío. Chocolate, quiches, and tarts take the leading roles in these two places and are prepared in unique ways. 

Oscuro Puro and Cachito Mío are located in the La Roma neighborhood. Both were created by Patricia Franco, a graphic designer passionate about pastry and chocolate.

Her sweet tooth inspired her to make products that exalt flavors and have attractive designs that are mouthwatering just from sight.

Cachito Mío

In 2003, Patricia Franco and her husband, Alejandro Veraza, combined their love for food and design to create a place with delicious and attractive sweet and savory options.

That is how Cachito Mío was born and emerged as a place defined by first-class ingredients, innovative flavor experiments, and ingenious tart and quiche recipes.

Inspired by French culinary techniques and Spanish gastronomical aesthetics, Patricia and Alejandro create original quiches and tarts that surprise everyone with the fantastic flavors hidden in each artistic slice.

A tart and a pie are not the same. Pies have a puff pastry crust and a cover on top of the filling. Instead, tarts are prepared with a sablée pastry and do not have a cover.

To honor the place’s name, the products in Cachito Mío are sold in small pieces or cachitos. Quiches and tarts can be cut in flawless slices that fit perfectly with each other, which is why you can easily design your own tart or quiche according to the flavors you choose.

Therefore, don’t worry if you crave both the huitlacoche and the rajas con elote (poblano chili and corn) quiche, or if you don’t want to miss either the guava tart or the cajeta (milk caramel) one. Order a cachito of each one and satisfy all your desires.

Oscuro Puro

Sharing the passion for Mexican cacao through eye-catching and flavorful products is something only Oscuro Puro can make. Since September 2018, this has been the place where locals and travelers enjoy the best Mexican chocolate products.

Every gastronomical experience in Oscuro Puro places both Mexican cacao and chocolate in their deserved place as pre-Hispanic treasures.

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The versatility of chocolate allows Patricia to make attractive and original designs through which she shares her love for cacao.

In Oscuro Puro they work with raw materials from Tabasco and Chiapas. The products are cultivated in cacao haciendas or by independent farmers.

Depending on the preparation, Patricia and her team process the raw cacao. However, they sometimes buy the prepared chocolate from local producers and later sell it in the form of drinks, desserts, or bars. 

In addition, Oscuro Puro offers chocolate samplings, tastings, and some wine and beer pairing activities.

Whether you taste a chocolate cake and a craft beer at the desserts bar or buy some chocolate-covered seeds in bulk, in Oscuro Puro, you’ll always find natural Mexican products that excel in design and flavor.

Don’t miss the chance to taste a cachito of the exquisite Roquefort and walnut quiche from Cachito Mío or a delicious chocolate bar from Oscuro Puro.

That brings an end to our introduction to two fabulous Mexico City establishments. If you’re exploring Mexico City and would like the see the city through the eyes of a local, consider joining us on one of our Mexico City Food Tours.

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Article by: María José Ordóñez Platas